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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Annie Parisse Has Role In Spielberg Minseries

A crew member with Annie Parisse. Photo: Janine Eastgate

Annie Parisse (ADA Alexandra Borgia, Law & Order) will have a role in a Steven Spielberg mini-series called “The Pacific”. Here’s some information on the series and a photo of Annie, from The Heidelberg Leader:

Hollywood in Macleod
Emma Schmidt 21May08

MACLEOD got a big taste of Hollywood last week when Tom Hanks' and Steven Spielberg's epic mini-series filmed its final scenes at La Trobe University.

The Pacific is a 10-episode series following the lives of three American Marines in their fight against the Japanese during World War II.

Rumoured to be costing $150 million, the project is highly anticipated, following the success of the pair's previous collaboration on award-winning mini-series Band of Brothers.

The Ernest Jones Hall was the scene for the South Californian wedding of one of the main characters, Sgt Lena Basilone, who is played by Annie Parisse.

The Spanish-style building was perfect for the scene because of its architecture, location manager Ben Lowe said.

While executive producers Hanks and Spielberg had not made the trip to Macleod to oversee shooting, Mr Lowe said they were pleased with the footage so far.

"The producers are very happy with what's been shot ... and I hope so because we've been working very hard," Mr Lowe said.

The centre's operations manager Steve Petrou said he was excited at having the building as part of the series, particularly because of its historical focus.

"Our building, indirectly, is travelling the world," Mr Petrou said.

The series includes Australian actors Gary Sweet, Isabel Lucas and Tom Budge. It will screen on America's HBO in 2009 and in Australia later the same year.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chris Noth to be “My One and Only”

Lucky bird
Chris Noth is set to star in another movie with Renee Zellweger titled “My One and Only.” It’s a comedy, based on the true story of actor and overly tanned George Hamilton, about his early life with his mother and brother.

Filming begins in June, in Maryland. Zellweger will play Anne Deveraux, based on the bleach-blonde, gold-digging mother of George Hamilton. Noth, known for his role as Mike Logan on Law & Order and Criminal Intent, and as Mr. Big on HBO's Sex and the City, will portray one of Zellweger's suitors, a retired military doctor with a big…bank account.

Don’t forget, Chris Noth will be starring in the “Sex and the City” movie that is opening this weekend. While I’m a fan of Chris, I am not a fan of SATC, so I think I’ll pass on seeing the movie.

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Friday, May 23, 2008

The Sam Waterston Hair Part Mystery Solved!

Jack McCoy
OK, admit it, you’ve noticed. You see Sam Waterston on Law & Order as Jack McCoy and his hair is parted on the left. You see him in the TD Ameritrade commercials or for anything else, and it’s parted on the right.

Walter Scott of Parade has the burning question – and the riveting answer, on his Personality Parade web page.

Q Why does Sam Waterston part his hair on the left in Law & Order and on the right in his commercials?—Evie Allen, Mango, Fla.

A “I part my hair in real life the way I do in my commercials—on the right,” says Waterston, now in his 14th season as attorney Jack McCoy. “When I took the role, I decided to part it on the left side as one step in the process of creating the McCoy character.”

Sam Waterston
So it's left = Jack, right = Sam. Well, I can sleep much better now knowing this. And hopefully, you will too!

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Linus Roache “Before the Rains”

The movie “Before the Rains”, starring Linus Roache (Michael Cutter, Law & Order), recently had its US release, opening in New York & Los Angeles. It was scheduled for release on May 16th in in select cities (I was not able to find it in mine). The official press release describes the movie as follows:

Set in 1930s southern India against the backdrop of a growing nationalist movement, BEFORE THE RAINS is the English language debut of acclaimed Indian director Santosh Sivan (THE TERRORIST, ASOKA). An idealistic young Indian man (Rahul Bose) finds himself torn between his ambitions for the future and his loyalty to the past when people in his village learn of an affair between his British boss (Linus Roache) and a village woman (Nandita Das).

This movie had opened in the 2007 Torornto film festival to much acclaim. Cameron Bailey, for the Toronto International Film Festival, describes Roache’s performance:

“A sweeping film full of striking vistas, Before the Rains has the look of a fine period epic, but as it binds its characters tighter and tighter within their dilemmas, it reveals the gears of a good film noir. Having made his reputation in Priest, Roache once again excels as a respectable man capable of catastrophic acts. Bose, however, as the local subaltern, is the heart of the film: here is the Indian man navigating all the harsh choices that came with colonization. “

The movie’s official web site can be found here.

“Before the Rains” Trailer

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Law & Order On the Set with Sisto and Anderson (Video Link)


Here’s a link to an Associated Press video, talking with Jeremy Sisto and Anthony Anderson, on the Law & Order set. (A short commercial will play before the video.)

Link: Sisto and Anderson on the Law & Order Set


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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jeremy Sisto to Star in "Into Temptation"

Jeremy Sisto will now hear your confession
Several sources are reporting that Law & Order’s Jeremy Sisto will have a starring role in the independent film “Into Temptation.” Tony Award winner Kristin Chenoweth will star opposite Jeremy. Patrick Coyle -playwright, actor, and filmmaker - wrote the script, which won the McKnight Screenwriting Fellowship.

Chenoweth will play a suicidal prostitute, who confesses to a priest (Jeremy Sisto) about her plans to end her life on her birthday. The priest then searches for her in order to intervene.

Filming was scheduled to begin this week in Minneapolis..

Besides his work on Law & Order, Jeremy Sisto has recently voiced the character of Batman in "Justice League: The New Frontier."

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Sam Waterston in “Oppenheimer” DVD Information

Attention all Sam Waterston fans: BBC America Shop is taking pre-orders for the US and Canada DVD release of the miniseries “Oppenheimer,” starring Sam Waterston.

This is a biographical account of American physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, who led the effort to develop the atomic bomb during World War II with the “Manhattan Project” and is often called the “father of the atomic bomb.” After the war, though, he became very outspoken on the subject. According to Wikipedia:

“After the war Oppenheimer was a chief advisor to the newly created United States Atomic Energy Commission and used that position to lobby for international control of atomic energy and to avert the nuclear arms race with the Soviet Union. After invoking the ire of many politicians with his outspoken political opinions during the Red Scare, he had his security clearance revoked in a much-publicized and politicized hearing in 1954. Though stripped of his direct political influence Oppenheimer continued to lecture, write, and work in physics. A decade later President Lyndon B. Johnson presented him with the Enrico Fermi Award as a gesture of political rehabilitation.”

So if you’re a fan of Sam, you may want to keep your eye on this for the release of the DVD. I don’t know if BBC America Shop will be the only source for this item. You can find the current details on the BBC America Shop website here.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Linus Roache Article in Washington Post

There is an article in today’s Washington Post about Linus Roache (Michael Cutter on Law & Order), his work with EnlightenNext (which I’ve already covered in my blog entry here) and the recent US release of his film “Before The Rains.” Here it is:

'I'm less prone to needing to be liked'

After an Enlightening Break, Actor Linus Roache Is Back With an Evolved Perspective

Did we know Linus Roache -- the heartthrob assistant DA on "Law & Order" -- has a higher practice? The British actor, once known as an art-house figure (1994's "Priest"), temporarily shelved acting to go to India and study the "evolutionary enlightenment" teachings of Andrew Cohen, later becoming managing director of Cohen's EnlightenNext New York center. Still, he says "it's just coincidence" that he's starring in "Before the Rains," set in 1930s India. He plays an English road builder mired in the country's anti-colonial sentiment, not to mention a sticky extramarital affair.

-- Desson Thomson

Without getting too deep -- people are reading this over their Wheaties -- what is "evolutionary enlightenment" -- to you at least?

To me it's about human beings manifesting their highest, deepest and greatest potential. It takes the perspective of traditional enlightenment and applies it to a context of evolution and development, meaning how can we evolve as a culture so we can create a proudly positive future.

There must have been something missing in your life or career that led you to that.

It was actually the opposite. It was all working incredibly well. I had a big movie ["Priest"] breaking, lots of opportunities. I was 30. But it was realizing more success wasn't going to lead to more meaning and purpose. . . . I came back to acting with a freer, more open, less attached perspective.

How does that manifest itself on, let's say, "Law and Order"?

You can't see it. I'm just an actor. But it's brought a deeper energy and commitment because I'm more fully engaged in being who I am right here, right now, in this conversation with you and what I'm going to do next. And I'm less prone to needing to be liked.

The Beatles also went to India.

And studied meditation with the Maharishi. Everyone thinks I went to India for two years and sat in a cave or something. [Laughs.] I spent time in a retreat in northern India -- in the region where Buddha was supposed to have attained his enlightenment -- and another retreat in the foothills of the Himalayas.

What do you expect "Before the Rains" audiences to walk away with?

The movie's not just about his soul being dead. I represent the British Empire -- that arrogance and decline. . . . And the movie's got a lot of hope for the future, and it's a rich cultural tapestry of that time. It's very multilayered.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Angie Harmon Joins Board of Rape Treatment Center

Angie Harmon (ADA Abbie Carmichael – Law & Order) is now on the board of a rape treatment center. Here’s the story from PR-Inside.com:


Former LAW & ORDER star ANGIE HARMON has become a board member at a Rape Treatment Centre in California to speak out against sex crimes and help victims.
The actress has joined the clinic at the Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center in a bid to use her fame to raise awareness of anti-rape campaigns across America and help raise funds.

Harmon insists her decision to join the movement to help eradicate sexually-motivated attacks as she fears for the safety of her two young daughters with husband Jason Sehorn, Finley, four, and Avery, two.

She says, "The act of rape is barbaric. That it's still going on is appalling. It's still so prevalent, and I have two daughters. To have the centre go nationwide would be my ultimate dream.

"Awareness is part of the battle."

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Benjamin Bratt Battles The Andromeda Strain

Photo from A&E

Benjamin Bratt, who Law & Order fans know as Detective Rey Curtis from Law & Order, will have a starring role in a miniseries remake of Michael Crichton’s 1971 movie thriller, The Andromeda Strain. (The original is one of my favorite thrillers/sci-fi flicks.)

The miniseries will air on A&E, over two nights, premiering on Memorial Day, May 26.

Below is an article from Wired.com on the series. The link to A&E’s web site for The Andromeda Strain can be found here.

Ridley Scott Produces Andromeda Strain

Tony and Ridley Scott are presenting a TV version of The Andromeda Strain. Their miniseries, based on Michael Crichton's deadly virus classic, airs on A&E over two nights beginning May 26.

Crichton's sci-fi best-seller came out back in 1969, spawning a 1971 movie adaptation and dozens of cheesy 'Run-for-your-lives-the-infection-is-spreading!' thrillers. If anybody can breathe new life into this now familiar premise it would be the Scott brothers.

Ridley of course directed Blade Runner and Tony ranks as one of Hollywood's top fiery-explosion action stylists (Top Gun, Enemy of the State). To handle the day-to-day directing, they brought on Mikael Salomon, who served as cinematographer on The Abyss and Arachnophobia, later directing the made-for-TV earthquake movie Aftershock.

Question is, can the cast pull it off? The good guys trying to squash a deadly bacterial outbreak in Utah are portayed by Benjamin Bratt (Law & Order, Miss Congeniality), Daniel Dae Kim (Lost) Rick Schroder (24, NYPD Blue), Eric McCormack (Will & Grace), Christa Miller (Scrubs, The Drew Carey Show) and Andre Braugher (Homicide: Life on the Streets).

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vincent D’Onofrio Speaks at Nashville Film Festival

Here’s a short video with Vincent D’Onofrio (Law & Order Criminal Intent) speaking at the Nashville Film Festival in April of this year. He discussed working with legendary directors Stanley Kubrick and Robert Altman.

This video should open in a separate pop-up window when you select "click to play." You can also access the video at this link.


Click to play

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

S. Epatha Merkerson Gets Tony Nomination

Merkerson and her Golden Globe
Today, S. Epatha Merkerson – who Law & Order fans know as Lieutenant Anita Van Buren on Law & Order - was nominated for a Tony Award for best performance by a lead actress in a play. This recognizes her performance in the play “Come Back Little Sheba.”

You can read some of the reviews of her performance on my blog, here.

The Tony Awards will be presented on June 15, at 8:00 PM on CBS, and Whoopi Goldberg will host the show.

Congratulations Epatha and we're all hoping you take home the award!

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dennis Farina In Law Trouble of His Own

The LA Times is reporting that Dennis Farina, who played Detective Joe Fontana on Law & Order, was booked on weapons charges. Here’s the story:

Former 'Law and Order' actor Dennis Farina booked on weapons charge

The actor, who tried to board a flight at LAX with a handgun, tells police he forgot it was in his briefcase.

By Jean-Paul Renaud, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
May 12, 2008
Former "Law and Order" actor Dennis Farina has been arrested and booked on a felony charge after screeners at Los Angeles International Airport found a loaded handgun in a briefcase he tried to take on board a flight to Chicago.

Police said the 64-year-old actor, a former Chicago police officer, told them he forgot that he had placed the .22-caliber gun in the case.

Farina was originally arrested Sunday morning on a misdemeanor charge of attempting to take a weapon onto a plane, said airport Police Sgt. Jim Holcomb. After officers learned the gun was not registered, the charge was increased to a felony, Holcomb said.

"He was apologetic and very cooperative, and he said he understood what was going to happen," Holcomb said.

Farina was booked into a Van Nuys jail. His bail has been set at $25,000.

Holcomb said Farina told investigators he put the gun in the case before driving to Los Angeles from Arizona for the United Airlines flight to Chicago.

The veteran actor has starred in several films, including "Get Shorty" and "Saving Private Ryan." He served 19 years with the Chicago Police Department.

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Chris Noth “Cutting” and Running to Vegas?

Apparently Chris Noth is thinking of moving his restaurant/club “The Cutting Room” from New York City to Las Vegas. Here’s the story from PR Inside:

Big's Club No Longer Cutting It
Due to a recent falling out with his landlord regarding the removal of scaffolding outside his New York nightclub, The Cutting Room, Chris Noth is looking to relocate to the desert oasis. In addition to scaffolding issues, the Sex and the City star believes it's time for a change.

Mr. Big wants to be Mr. Las Vegas.

Due to a recent falling out with his landlord regarding the removal of scaffolding outside his New York nightclub, The Cutting Room, Chris Noth is looking to relocate to the desert oasis. In addition to scaffolding issues, the Sex and the City star believes it's time for a change.

"When I started out in 1998, I was one of many partners, who we had to buy out because they were thieves and rogues-Now my partner Steve Walter and I need to get out of that location and we're having a hard time trying to find investors to move up to a much nicer, bigger place. We need an investor out there and I want to take the club to Vegas. I think a Cutting Room would be great in Vegas. I just haven't really had the time to go out there and schmooze people and try to get them to invest millions of dollars."

Any takers?

If you want to check out this place, here’s the link to The Cutting Room.

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Friday, May 9, 2008

Criminal Intent’s D’Onofrio: Not Going Anywhere

The National Ledger has a short article about Vincent D’Onofrio and his contract renewal with Law & Order Criminal Intent. Here it is:

Will Vincent D'Onofrio Leave "Law & Order: Criminal Intent"?

By Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith
May 8, 2008

Vincent D'Onofrio's "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" contract is coming up for renewal, but producer Dick Wolf need have no concern that the actor will be leaving his role as the series' Det. Robert Goren. "I have no plans to go anywhere," says the actor whose "Criminal Intent" role was made more manageable in 2004 -- after he was hospitalized with exhaustion.

Will Vincent D'Onofrio Leave "Law & Order: Criminal Intent"?

"I'm working 13-hour days," he says, "a breeze compared to the 15-16 hours a day I used to put in." He only hopes there's a show to return to. This is "Criminal Intent's" seventh season, "which is a long run for a dramatic series," the actor points out. "This year is kind of funky, because of the recent writers' strike and the threatening actors' strike," he says

"The world of TV is very fickle," he points out, "and particularly now, you don't know what's going on -- when we'll wrap for the season and when or if we'll resume. It's all kind of messed up."

He's hoping he'll have time between "Criminal Intent" seasons to accept a big-screen assignment -- and notes he's meeting with a couple of directors, "Trying to figure something out for summer," in the event he has the summer free.

He'd also like a do a stint on stage and points out, "There are a lot of good parts for guys my age -- and I used to do plenty of plays between seasons of the series and movie work, but now things are pretty much up in the air, and I've had to come to grips with that. I figure I'll have plenty of time for such work -- eventually."

When there's no "Criminal Intent" to come home to.

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Michael Moriarty Pens A Rant

Michael Moriarty in his L&O Days
Law & Order fans remember Michael Moriarty as EADA Ben Stone. Did you know he is running for President of the United States this year for the Realists Party? Not only did I not know that, but I never heard of the Realist Party either.

Below is a piece written by Michael and published by the web site Enterstageright.com. If someone can tell me what Michael’s writings mean, I would appreciate it. I’ve read it 3 times and I still don’t get it. I would also think it won’t help him much in his bid for the Presidency. After all, Fred Dalton Thompson never made it through the primaries, and at least Fred was comprehensible.

We are all Barack Obamas now!

“We are all Barack Obamas now!
By Michael Moriarty
web posted May 5, 2008

If even the Slavic republicanism of present day Russia, Ukraine and Georgia is against the wishes of the neo-Soviet leader, Vladimir Putin, what will the traditional republicanism of the United States do when trapped in the fist-clenching and patronizing Putin-like federalism of a woman who would make a "village" out of what once was the greatest republic in the world?

America as a bee-hive?!


President Hillary as a queen bee?!

Yup again.

All Americans as insects and her men as drones?!

Not possible?

I don't think so, either … but that doesn't mean Queen Hillary is not going to try.

"You can run, Barack," says Sen. Clinton these days, "but you can't hide!"

Hmmm …

Nor can the rest of us hide.

Hillary will be President!

Sen. Clinton is the culminating star of a very disturbing book by Jonah Goldberg, Liberal Fascism , the last chapter of which is relevantly titled "We Are All Fascists Now". Mr. Goldberg traces fascism from its unannounced birth in the French Revolution through the Woodrow Wilson "Progressive" Presidency into Wilson's fellow Progressive, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his New Deal, and America's war with Europe's version of the same, totalitarian mindset within Mussolini and Hitler. Thence, of course, Liberal Fascism flowers into the still unending war between the hard-line Left of Communism and the seemingly soft-line and maternal version of the same Left, the Liberal Fascism of Hillary Clinton. It is quite a trip … and quite a book!

The Protestant Reformation, I believe, has a great deal to do with facilitating fascism, or, as I have come to understand, "the politics of meaning", politics as religion itself. However, I can hardly fault Mr. Goldberg for any sin of omission. He had enough on his plate with what I believe is the undeniable evidence that the finger-pointing Left, not the Right, is the real Progressive Beast of American Fascism. However, I believe America's version of totalitarianism is no longer "liberal fascism" because the Progressive ingredients that have inspired the Clintons' bottomless lust for power are self-evidently neither liberal in Mr. Goldberg's classic definition of the word nor static. It is, more accurately, Progressive Fascism, the very kind that even Eleanor Roosevelt found revolting. If you don't believe me, see her remarks regarding her husband's Progressive Vice-President, Henry Wallace.

Barack Obama's ongoing collision with Rev. Wright is proof-positive that America's own collision with its home-grown brand of fascism has been inevitable. The African-American Left sabotaged its own sanest candidate, Barack Obama, and Rev. Wright's damnation of America soon translated into his deliberate destruction of his own parishioner's chances at the Presidency.

The Biblical allusions in this year's Democratic primaries are record-breaking. Governor Richardson of New Mexico is now Bill Clinton's "Judas" … and, as far as I can tell, Rev. Wright is the African-American version of Obama's "jealous Pharisee". Wright's recent "testaments" over the past weekend on the Bill Moyer's show, at the NAACP and before the Washington Press Club ended any chance Obama had of defeating Hillary at the convention. Wright is "crucifying" Obama's campaign.

I believe that Hillary's husband Bill so understood the psychology of the African-American community that his comparison of Obama to Jesse Jackson was intended to inspire all the would-be Jesse Jacksons of the African-American community, such as Rev. Wright, to stand up and put Obama in his place!

"Uppity Obama!!"

After all, as Rev. Wright said, Obama was just one parishioner within his church of thousands!!

Perhaps Rev. Wright unwittingly did the exceptionally gifted Obama a favor. It might have saved the Illinois Senator's life. Once out of the Presidential race, he is out of the way of the Clintons … and it is a very dangerous thing to ever stand in the way of the Clintons for too long.

We are now, all of us, Barack Obamas.


Because most of America will eventually and inevitably stand in the way of the Clinton Global Initiative to run a totalitarian, world empire.

So let's just get out of Hillary's way. The long leash she will demand as President … and get … will eventually be wrapped around her own neck and around the Progressive certainty of her supporters. Not before, however, we end up in a world war, one begun by Hillary to try avoiding the civil war she will most certainly provoke at home.

The issue of legalized abortion, or Roe v. Wade, as I've said before, will rise up to enflame Americans in the same way that slavery did … only in this instance, President Jefferson Davis of the Southern Confederacy will be portrayed by President Hillary Clinton of the by-then, entirely Progressive United States. Not being the America that I have ever known, now with legalized abortion, the United States is a third millennium version of the Southern Confederacy.

Insofar as the United States I know holds that all men are created equal, not gestated as possible candidates for abortion … the Clinton rebellion is a federalist's "progress" that utterly detaches itself from not only the republican checks and balances of the Constitution but our inalienable rights under the Declaration of Independence.

Then American history … or Fate … or, yes, God … will inspire a Republican "David" to rise up and defeat the Federalist/Progressive fascism of a female Goliath named President Hillary Clinton.

Where am I in all these Biblical allusions?

Hmmm … possibly Michael of Daniel 12:1, he who comes to "stand up for thy children".

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Moriarty is also running for President of the United States in 2008 as a candidate for the Realists Party. To find out more about Moriarty's presidential campaign, contact rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. “

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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sam Waterston Fans – Mark Your Calendars

Sam in a previous Hamlet incarnation

Is it my imagination, or is Sam Waterston the only Law & Order star who seems to be doing anything significant lately? The ever busy and seemingly ubiquitous Sam will be starring in the Delacorte Theatre’s staging of Hamlet (should we call it “Samlet”?) in late May through the end of June.

Sam will also be speaking for The Fordham Law School’s Forum on Law, Culture & Society in November 2008 at the Time Warner screening room in New York City. Details are sparse at this time, but it appears that many of the Forum's events seem to be free. Stay tuned.

Here are the details on both:

Waterston and Ambrose Replace Easton and Rabe in Central Park Hamlet

by Broadway.com Staff

The Public Theater has completed casting for its upcoming production of Hamlet, which will begin previews May 27 and open June 17 at the Delacorte Theater as the opener for Shakespeare in the Park's 2008 season, with closing set for June 29. Oskar Eustis will direct.
Sam Waterston, who played Hamlet in the Public Theater's last Central Park mounting of the show 33 years ago, will play Polonius, replacing the previously announced Richard Easton. Lauren Ambrose, who played Juliet at the Delacorte in last season's Romeo and Juliet, will be Ophelia, replacing the previously announced Lily Rabe. Both Easton and Rabe have become unavailable due to scheduling conflicts, according to the Public.

Waterston and Ambrose will join Michael Stuhlbarg as Hamlet, Andre Braugher as Claudius, Kevin Carroll as Horatio, Margaret Colin as Gertrude, David Harbour as Laertes, Hoon Lee as Rosencrantz, Piter Marek as Bernardo and Fortinbras, Greg McFadden as Guildenstern, Julio Monge as Osric and Francisco, Paul O'Brien as Voltemand and Priest, Gilbert Owuor as Marcellus, Jay O. Sanders as Ghost and Player King, Miriam Silverman as Player Queen, and Christopher Bonewitz, Matt Carlson and Stephen James King in the ensemble.

Waterston was nominated for a Tony in 1994 for his performance in the revival of Abe Lincoln in Illinois.. Additional Broadway credits include A Walk in the Woods, Benefactors, Lunch Hour and A Doll's House. Off-Broadway performances include Much Ado About Nothing, Love Letter, Three Sisters and Chez Nous, as well as Measure for Measure and Much Ado About Nothing at The Delecorte Theatre. Waterson is best known as Jack McCoy on the TV series Law and Order and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. He was nominated for a Best Actor Academy Award in 1985 for the film The Killing Fields.

Ambrose has appeared on Broadway in the 2006 revival of Awake and Sing!. Off-Broadway credits include Soulful Scream of a Chosen Son and Romeo and Juliet at the Delacorte. She is best known for her Emmy Award nominated performance on the HBO ensemble drama Six Feet Under. Additional credits include Law & Order and Party of Five, as well as the films In and Out, Can't Hardly Wait and Pyscho Beach Party.

Hamlet will feature scenic design by David Korins; costume design by Ann Hould-Ward; lighting design by Michael Chybowski; and sound design by Acme Sound Partners. Hamlet will feature scenic design by David Korins, costume design by Ann Hould-Ward, lighting design by Michael Chybowski and sound design by Acme Sound Partners

Atticus Finch in the Flesh: A Conversation with Law & Order’s Sam Waterson

When: November 19th, 2008, 8 P.M.

Where: The Time Warner Screening Room

The Forum welcomes legendary television and film actor Sam Waterson in a wide-ranging conversation about his iconic portrayal of New York District Attorney, Jack McCoy, in Law & Order, as well as his leading role in the critically-acclaimed TV series, I’ll Fly Away, and the award-winning film, The Killing Fields. No actor outside of Gregory Peck’s Atticus Finch has portrayed lawyers as convincingly and compellingly as Sam Waterson. He has even played the role of Abraham Lincoln on stage. Join the Forum for a spectacular evening of conversation and clips with one of America’s finest and most distinguished actors.

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sam Waterston Participates In Environmental Lecture

Sam and his man-bag
Photo from New York Social Diary (more at site, link below)

Law & Order's Sam Waterston is a busy man. The New York Social Diary reports:

"Last Thursday noontime, the American Museum of Natural History held its 18th annual Spring Environmental Lecture and Luncheon at the museum. This year’s subject focused on Global Climate Change.

Lynn Sherr, correspondent for ABC News 20/20 moderated, as she does every year. Panelists were Dr. Jeremy Jackson, William E. and Mary B. Ritter Professor of Oceanography at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, who is featured in Leonardo DiCaprio’s new documentary, The 11th Hour; Dr. Jane Lubchenco, Wayne and Gladys Valley Professor of Marine Biology and Distinguished Professor of Zoology at Oregon State University; and Sam Waterston, actor and member of the board of Oceana.

On paper this looks like an interesting lecture/discussion. In reality it’s a wake-up call for a civilization, its leaders and its inhabitants who are sound asleep blithely unaware of the tsunami that will take out that civilization.

Perhaps it’s because many of us think tomorrow will never come anyway.

Nevertheless, the American Museum of Natural History is to be commended for consistently sounding the alarming and assisting us in understanding what awaits us.

The event’s chairmen were: Suzanne Cochran, Veronique Pittman, Mary C. Solomon, and Constance Spahn. All proceeds from the event support the Museum’s scientific research and educational initiatives, including important work in biodiversity conservation.” "

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