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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Law & Order CI’s Chris Noth Working on Miniseries

Several sources are reporting that Chris Noth is working on a miniseries focusing on Vietnam war photographers. (Hmmm, does this sound a little like Sam Waterston’s movie “The Killing Fields” about journalists in Cambodia?) Here’s the report from the National Ledger:

“From 'Sex and the City' to Vietnam: Chris Noth Plots Miniseries
By Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith

With the "Sex and the City" feature in the can for May 30 release and "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" en route back to production post-writers' strike, Chris Noth expects to be turning his attention back to the project he calls "my next big thing" -- a prospective AMC miniseries bringing to light the lives and daring actions of Vietnam War photojournalists.

His interest was sparked, he says, back in 2001, when he visited Vietnam and Cambodia on the invitation of singer Nanci Griffith, who's been involved with the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation's work in clearing landmines and establishing hospitals.

"We went into Saigon and found this little museum with an exhibition of photojournalists killed in the war. It was so profoundly moving -- these guys and their lives -- incredibly fascinating," says Chris. "Larry Burrows, Sean Flynn … Dickey Chapelle, a female photojournalist who died … "

John Milius is aboard the project as writer, he reports. The busy actor also has upcoming the indie thriller "Frame of Mind," in which he plays a college professor who learns of a heretofore unknown piece of film of the John F. Kennedy assassination that "puts a whole new slant on it."

"Frame of Mind" also features Tara Wilson, Noth's long-time girlfriend and the mother of his son, Orion Christopher Noth, born last month.”

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Anonymous said...

There have been many movies about war-time reporters but I can't recall a single film about the photojournalists. Recently an NBC reporter was injured along with his cameraman. We heard all about the reporter's injuries and recovery but just amount nothing about his cameraman. I think this could prove to be a very interesting subject.