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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Law & Order: Jeremy Sisto Voices Batman

Comics2film.com recently featured Jeremy Sisto discussing his role as the voice of Batman for the direct-to-DVD animated “Justice League: The New Frontier.” So not only does Sisto fight crime as Cyrus Lupo on Law & Order, but as an animated Batman. Take a look – and a listen – at the YouTube clip with Sisto’s voice as Batman after the article.

“Jeremy Sisto haunts the 'New Frontier' as Batman
February 16, 2008

Batman pays a late night visit to 'John Jones'A year ago, Jeremy Sisto was starring as a private investigator with deep psychological scars in 'Kidnapped.' This season, Sisto joined the 'Law & Order' legacy of actors as a detective with a haunted past.

It's seem only natural that his next starring role would be as Batman. Sisto fills the vocal role of the Dark Knight in the highly-anticipated release of 'Justice League: The New Frontier,' the second DC Universe original animated PG-13 film presented by Warner Premiere, produced by Warner Bros. Animation and distributed by Warner Home Video.

Based on the landmark DC Comics graphic novel by Darwyn Cooke and produced by animation legend Bruce Timm, 'Justice League: The New Frontier' features an all-star voice cast led by Sisto, Kyle MacLachlan (Superman), David Boreanaz (Green Lantern), Neil Patrick Harris (The Flash), Lucy Lawless (Wonder Woman), Kyra Sedgwick (Lois Lane), Brooke Shields (Carol Ferris), Miguel Ferrer (Martian Manhunter) and Phil Morris (King Faraday). The film will be released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc on February 26, 2008. The HD DVD edition will be available March 18, 2006.

Batman guides the Batplane directly into an oncoming army of pterodactyls during the Justice League's attack on The Centre."I tend to (get cast) as dark characters, and I'm more drawn to those characters anyway - they're usually more interesting," Sisto said. "Plus, I got this deep voice from my father, and the combination of the timbre of my voice and my inflections tends to make people feel that there's some darkness there."

Sisto particularly enjoys the role Batman takes in 'Justice League: The New Frontier,' emphasizing that the character arc of the Caped Crusader gave the job added flavor.

"I think Batman is a great character in that he has a lot of internalization, and his heroics come from a dark place," Sisto said. "You can have fun with that side of him, sort of showing his dislike for people and yet, at the same time, he's all about helping people and doing good for society.

"Batman is a bit of a loner. He's very intuitive and, while the rest of the Justice League are using their super powers, he uses his detective skills to get to the heart of the matter and, in this case, help save the world. Throughout the course of the story, though, I think he learns that it's not such a bad thing to have friends."

Batman confronts 'John Jones'Sisto has logged guest voiceover credits on 'American Dad,' 'Duckman' and 'The Wild Thornberrys,' but 'Justice League: The New Frontier' puts Sisto in his first animated film and his first super hero role. Unable to join the majority of the cast in the initial ensemble record, Sisto created his vocal rendition of Batman while performing alone in a sound booth in New York City. It was appropriate for the character, a super hero that prefers to work solo … in Gotham.

"When you're doing a voice for an animated project, you don't have the props and the different visual things that make it a bit easier for an actor to make a scene real for you," he said. "So you're stuck in a booth alone and you're kind of forced to use your imagination a little bit more."

Sisto enjoyed comic books and super heroes during his youth, but he admits he was eventually led astray from the fanboy path.

"When I was a kid, I liked Superman; when I got a little older, I liked Wolverine; and then I found girls," he said.” "

Listen to Sisto as Batman here

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Law & Order: These Are Their Stories – Or Not?

Since this blog is called “These Are Their Stories” as a reference to the Law & Order tag line, I thought it fitting to share with you this article that appeared in the New York Times. It talks about a recent Law & Order episode – “Illegal” – where an auxiliary policeman shoots a woman at a protest, and the reaction of the New York Auxiliary Police.

These Are Their Stories,’ but Some Police Officers Say, ‘Not This Time’
Published: February 21, 2008

The gritty characters on “Law & Order” are forever linked with their real-world muses in criminal justice: What helps one helps the other.

On television, the ripped-from-the-headlines scripts usually guide viewers’ emotions toward one conclusion: The police and prosecutors are forces for good. On the city’s streets, a special unit of the Police Department keeps order for the show’s production crews, once the producers get a permit to film. And municipal retirees can find work feeding the small screen a steady stream of technical advisers.

But a recent episode has at least one sector of the Police Department upset with the show.

In the episode broadcast on Feb. 13 on NBC, a fictional auxiliary officer named Nik Rodchenko fired a bullet into a crowd of protesters, killing a woman. The character was prosecuted and convicted of second-degree murder and attempted murder. The episode has set off a bitter protest from the ranks of the city’s 4,500 authentic auxiliaries.

It was not enough of a salve that the fictional officer was a rogue who carried a gun on duty. (Real-life auxiliary officers, while they do carry nightsticks, are not issued firearms.)

Rather, in perhaps the cruelest blow to a group that has long worked to defend its reputation, the auxiliary officer’s character was dubbed a “wannabe” police officer and not a “real cop.”

“That’s the part that gets us,” said Auxiliary Police Officer Michael R. Stewart, who is assigned to the 13th Precinct in Manhattan and is on the board of the New York State Association of Auxiliary Police.

“I guess that it’s O.K. for cops to do that, once in a while, because they are family, and family picks on each other,” Officer Stewart said of the not-a-real-officer slur. “But for NBC to do it publicly, and on such a large scale, we feel it’s a slap in the face for the hard work we do.”

As a result of last week’s show, titled “Illegal,” the state association is leading a drive to collect signatures on a petition to demand that NBC develop and broadcast an episode of “Law & Order” that portrays auxiliary police officers in a more positive light. As of Wednesday afternoon, 143 people had signed it.

“This is indeed a slap in the face to all auxiliary officers nationwide and to the two N.Y.C. officers that died in the line of duty in 2007,” Lt. Andy Roberts, an auxiliary officer in the 34th Precinct, wrote on the petition, which is posted on the Internet at www.petitiononline.com.

“Do your homework before making such a bad show,” he added.

Several of the signers made note of the killings in March of two unarmed auxiliary officers, Nicholas T. Pekearo, 28, and Yevgeniy Marshalik, 19, who were shot while chasing a gunman in Greenwich Village.

Officer Stewart, who knew both men, said he was a fan of “Law & Order.”

“We were surprised as well,” he said. “Normally, they are fairly positive.”

Paul J. Browne, the Police Department’s chief spokesman, said the “Law & Order” plot “certainly was a departure from reality.” The department has made no official complaint about the episode.

Audrey Davis, a spokeswoman for the show, defended the episode, saying that “ ‘Law & Order’ is fiction.”

“These are not real stories,” she said. “We are not saying an auxiliary cop, in real life, shot someone.”

Ms. Davis said “there are always complaints” about the show, but she could not recall any lodged by law enforcement professionals about the portrayal of police officers or prosecutors. As for the petition asking for a new episode about auxiliary officers, Ms. Davis said she doubted that there would be one.

In New York, auxiliary officers are volunteers who are trained to listen to reports of crime on their radios and then call for help. They have fewer legal powers than sworn police officers.

“We just want to do the right thing for the city,” Officer Stewart said. “That’s all we’ve ever wanted.”

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Jesse L. Martin Talks About Leaving Law & Order

Jesse L. Martin and Marvin Gaye

Entertainment Weekly caught up with Jesse L. Martin about leaving Law & Order.

Jesse L. Martin on his exit from 'Law & Order'
Feb 21, 2008, 03:50 PM by Whitney Pastorek

EW.com originally reached out to Jesse L. Martin to get his memories of starring in Rent for an upcoming feature we're doing on the musical. But after today’s announcement that he’ll be leaving Law & Order after nine years as Detective Ed Green, we took the opportunity to ask him about his decision to give up the steadiest meal ticket on TV.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So, what? Nine years is enough?
JESSE L. MARTIN: [Laughs] Actually, yeah.

EW: Are there any blocks in New York City that you have not filmed on at this point?
JM: I don’t think so. I don’t even know, but I don’t think so. We’ve literally been everywhere. I mean, everywhere.

EW: So you’re happy about this decision.
JM: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m definitely happy about it. It was pretty much time for me. I need to get back on stage before I get too scared to do it again. And with that schedule, it would be really difficult for me to ever really get to do anything like that.

EW: Do you have a project in mind?
JM: Not particularly, no. At least not any project that I can sort of announce publicly. But the whole idea is just to get back into that. Because I’m an actor. I wanna stay an actor. Not that you can’t do that on TV, but I wanna get on stage.

EW: Have people been calling and trying to talk to you about this all day?
JM: They have. I actually didn’t know they were going to announce it, because I wasn’t really supposed to talk about it, I guess. And then there it was in the paper, and I was like, "Oh. I guess that’s gonna happen."

EW: How long have you known?
JM: Not long at all. I honestly couldn’t leave, according to my contract. I could have said, "Hey, I’m ready to go," but they could have easily said no. But Dick [Wolf, L&O's creator] has always been really cool about that sort of thing. He always says if an actor is ready to leave, is ready to go, that he’ll allow them to go. And they were pretty cool with it. I’m really glad. I had a great time there. I feel like I went to actor boot camp and I’m coming out a colonel.

EW: Are we going to learn in that last episode that Ed was secretly a lesbian the whole time?
JM: [Laughs] Oh god. I hope not. I don’t want to end it like that. Give me something crazy to do! Well, not that crazy. But who knows? I don’t even know how it’s gonna end, that’s the other thing. I have no idea how it’s gonna end.
EW: You don’t have an ideal situation? “I wanna go out in a blaze of glory like this”?
JM: You mean Set It Off style? No. I don’t wanna die, to be honest. I really don’t. I don’t wanna die. I like the possibility of maybe returning for some reason. It’d be nice to have, like, a mysterious exit. But of course, none of this is up to me. They can end it the way they see fit.
EW: You might have earned some say in it.
JM: I don’t know. I mean, I’m sure they’ll listen to me, but ultimately, it’s their show. They can make it do what it wants to do. I just hope it’s a cool exit. I really do.

EW: Do you L&O guys and the people who have been on ER since time began have some kind of support group?
JM: [Laughs] No, but that’s a damn good idea. Maybe George Clooney can run something like that.
EW: And up next you're playing Marvin Gaye in the biopic Sexual Healing. When do you start shooting that?
JM: We’re hoping in April. Springtime. That’s what I’m being told at this point.
EW: What are you doing to prep yourself for that?
JM: A whole lot of stuff, actually. Getting my voice back in shape. If you don’t sing all the time, it sort of dims a little bit.

EW: Have you been a fan for years and years?
JM: Like, a crazy fan. Who isn’t a fan of that guy?

EW: Favorite song?
JM: “Piece of Clay.”

EW: Is there a new spin you think can bring to the biopic genre at this point?
JM: I certainly hope so. And even if it’s not a new spin, I hope it’s a good spin. It’s hard to even speculate what the reaction could be, because we haven’t even gone into production. But the hope is to do supreme justice to the man himself.

A direct link to the article is here.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jesse Martin Leaving Law & Order

I’m posting this message in both my Law & Order blogs so everyone gets the news.

Variety reports today that Jesse L. Martin will be leaving Law & Order, and is being replaced by Anthony Anderson, formerly of “K-ville.”

Here’s the news from Variety:

Martin leaving 'Law & Order'
'K-Ville' star Anthony Anderson joining show

After nine seasons, Jesse L. Martin is leaving "Law & Order" and will be replaced by "K-Ville" star Anthony Anderson.

Martin's departure has been buzzed about for months. He's expected to lens one more episode of Dick Wolf's NBC drama, with Anderson joining later this season.

For Anderson, the "L&O" role reps his latest gig on a cop show. He played a New Orleans detective on Fox's "K-Ville" and made the jump from comedy to serious drama on FX's "The Shield."

Fox has never officially admitted that it and "K-Ville" are splitsville, but Anderson's casting would seem to be the final nail in the coffin for the highly touted 2007 drama.

On the feature side, Anderson's credits include "Transformers," "Hustle & Flow" and "Kangaroo Jack." He toplined his own WB laffer, "All About the Andersons," in 2003.

As for Martin, thesp has played Det. Ed Green since 1999. He shot to fame in the original Broadway production of "Rent," reprising his role for the movie version.”

Law & Order fans knew that Jesse wasn’t going the full season, still, it’s sad news to hear that now it’s official. I don't know anything about Anthony Anderson and never watched K-ville, so I don't know how he'll fit in.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Law & Order CI’s Chris Noth Working on Miniseries

Several sources are reporting that Chris Noth is working on a miniseries focusing on Vietnam war photographers. (Hmmm, does this sound a little like Sam Waterston’s movie “The Killing Fields” about journalists in Cambodia?) Here’s the report from the National Ledger:

“From 'Sex and the City' to Vietnam: Chris Noth Plots Miniseries
By Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith

With the "Sex and the City" feature in the can for May 30 release and "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" en route back to production post-writers' strike, Chris Noth expects to be turning his attention back to the project he calls "my next big thing" -- a prospective AMC miniseries bringing to light the lives and daring actions of Vietnam War photojournalists.

His interest was sparked, he says, back in 2001, when he visited Vietnam and Cambodia on the invitation of singer Nanci Griffith, who's been involved with the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation's work in clearing landmines and establishing hospitals.

"We went into Saigon and found this little museum with an exhibition of photojournalists killed in the war. It was so profoundly moving -- these guys and their lives -- incredibly fascinating," says Chris. "Larry Burrows, Sean Flynn … Dickey Chapelle, a female photojournalist who died … "

John Milius is aboard the project as writer, he reports. The busy actor also has upcoming the indie thriller "Frame of Mind," in which he plays a college professor who learns of a heretofore unknown piece of film of the John F. Kennedy assassination that "puts a whole new slant on it."

"Frame of Mind" also features Tara Wilson, Noth's long-time girlfriend and the mother of his son, Orion Christopher Noth, born last month.”

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Criminal Intent’s D’Onofrio Welcomes Baby Boy

Various sources have reported that Law & Order: Criminal Intent's Vincent D'Onofrio and his wife, Carin Van Der Donk, welcomed a baby boy on Thursday, February 14th. The name of the baby has not been decided – or released – as yet. The couple already has an 8-year-old son together, Elias Gene. Vincent also has a 15-year-old daughter, Leila George, with his ex-wife, Greta Scacchi.

Congratulations Vincent and family.

UPDATE 2/21/08: Baby name is Luca, weight 7 pounds, 15 ounces

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Law & Order SVU’s Mariska Hargitay Does Baby Voice for J&J

Mariska Hargitay is the voice of a baby – yes, a baby – in a new series of animated web videos from Johnson and Johnson, promoting baby skincare products.

There will be a total of four web episodes. The first three are titled “Baby Massage Class,” “Tickles, Wiggles and Giggles,” and “Birthday Party.” A fourth episode, based on the upcoming Olympics, is being kept under wraps by the company. All of he shorts will be available at this link,here. One of the videos on the site show how Mariska got into character.

This embedded video below is courtesy of The Wall Street Journal. If the video player does not work for you, try the link listed in the above paragraph.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Law & Order CI’s Chris Noth Filmed at Tea Room Appearance

As previously reported in this blog on February 10, here, Chris Noth recently made an appearance at his long-time girlfriend’s tea room in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, named “Once Upon a Teacup.”

A filmmaker, Gavin Michael Booth, from Windsor, Ontario, Canada made a film of the event and posted it on YouTube. This is from a series of films he’s done, called “How Many Days.”

So, if you’re a Chris Noth fan, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. (It’s about 6 minutes long.)

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Birthday For Law & Order SVU’s Ice-T

On February 16, 1958, in Newark, New Jersey, Tracy Lauren Marrow was born.


You know him as Ice-T, who plays Detective Odafin (“Fin”) Tutuola on Law & Order Special Victims Unit.

Both of Ice-T’s parents died when he was young. He moved to Los Angeles to live with his aunt after the death of his father. He eventually became very involved in the street life and became a member of the West Side Rollin 30s Original Harlem Crips.

He spent 4 years in the Army after leaving high school, but left because he didn’t like authority. He’s quoted as saying, "I didn't like total submission to a leader other than myself." After returning to the South Central LA area, he led quite the colorful life, becoming a jewel thief and a pimp, but he really wanted to have a career in music. After a car crash in 1985, he decided to put his focus on music. His rap name, Ice T, is a tribute to the fabled pimp and raconteur Iceberg Slim (Robert Beck).

According to IMDB.com, “As a musician, Ice-T played a major role in the creation of the gangsta incarnation of hip-hop music and was a colossus of the West Coast hip-hop scene, despite his East Coast, greater New York, origins. Though his music displays a political consciousness, like the indictments of racism that were a hallmark of seminal hip-hop group Public Enemy, it also is nihilistic as befits a chronicler of street life. His most infamous song, the heavy metal "Cop Killer," was one of the major battle in the cultural wars of the 1990s, in which cultural conservatives enlisted the Moses of the right wing, Charlton Heston, to get Ice-T dropped from his then-label, Sire/Warner Bros.”

Rather ironic that Ice-T works in a fictional law enforcement role, considering his “Cop Killer” song. I can’t say I’ve even heard this song, and I’m not sure I want to.

Despite his colorful past, Ice-T brings a certain realism to his role on Law & Order SVU. Of course, now this previously hardened street gang member and gangsta rapper is hosting “Tupper-Bowl” Tupperware parties and moving to the sedate Chandler, Arizona. See the link to the story which explains all those "sordid" details, here.

Have a happy birthday, Ice-T!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jeremy Sisto Talks to TV Guide

Jeremy Sisto recently had a chat with the Ileane Rudolph of TV Guide, talking about his role as Cyrus Lupo on Law & Order and a few other things:

“Between cleaning up the streets and helping ratings rebound, Jeremy Sisto has been busy on Law & Order (Wednesdays at 10 pm/ET, NBC). We caught up with the L&O newbie to talk about Detective Lupo’s future, his Six Feet Under pals and his weakness for poker.

TV Guide: You're known for playing complicated characters. Are we going to see Detective Lupo's dark side anytime soon?
Jeremy Sisto: I'd love to have a big breakdown episode, but I don’t know if that's in the cards. A big emotional arc would interfere with the show’s structure — its eloquence and sense of reality. And I don’t think Lupo is volatile in his emotions.

TV Guide: How will he evolve throughout the season?
Sisto: Lupo starts out fairly timid and humble, and over time he gets up to speed with his partner, Detective Green [Jesse L. Martin], and the rhythm of the city and the profes­sion. Seeing so much brutality makes him harder.

TV Guide: Is it a coincidence that you and Linus Roache, who plays ADA Cutter, were both in the short-lived 2006 drama Kidnapped?
Sisto: Probably. But I do know that [creator] Dick Wolf liked Kidnapped very much. Linus is really kicking butt with this role.

TV Guide: Do you have many scenes together?
Sisto: We do. Lupo is taking night classes in law, and it's very frustrating for him to solve a case and then just drop it off at the DA's office. He and Cutter actually get into it a bit.

TV Guide: Were you looking for another New York City-based show after Kidnapped was canceled?
Sisto: No. I went back to Los Angeles to mourn. My best friends, some of my family and my girlfriend are all in L.A. I love New York, but people are constantly in your face.

TV Guide: Who’s your girlfriend?
Sisto: Addie Lane. She produces still photography. She tries to come out and work here when she can.

TV Guide: Any chance Lupo will get a girlfriend this season?
Sisto: He really wants to be with his widowed sister-in-law Jenny [Guenia Lemos], who broke his heart. Whenever anyone else comes on to him, he can’t respond.

TV Guide: You work incessantly. What kind of project turns you on?
Sisto: If a job seems fun and I can find something interesting in it, I tend to do it. I’m also one of these guys who says yes if friends ask me to do one of their movies. Some critics thought I made a mis­step with My Boys, the TBS comedy. But I did it because my friend is the creator. Why would I deny someone’s dream to make a movie or TV show?

TV Guide: Because it could be bad for your career?
Sisto: I know it’s proven to be a much better career path to work as little as possible, or only on great things. But it's not how I'm built. If I were to give advice to young actors, I would advise them not to do what I’ve done. [Laughs]

TV Guide: Do you keep in touch with any of your Six Feet Under costars?
Sisto: I stay in touch with Peter Krause, but I feel a real bond with all of them because the show was such a special experience. And I’ve seen each of their new shows. It's nice to see them as different characters, particu­larly Michael C. Hall in Dexter. His char­acter is so very different from his character on Six Feet Under. When you’re watching the show, you’re like, “Wow!”

TV Guide: You've played in the World Poker Tour's Holly­wood Home Game. How good are you?
Sisto: Poker’s about not making that one stupid move. I usually make that one stupid move. I get bored of it after a while. I don’t have whatever it takes to be a professional poker player.

TV Guide: Do you ever play on the L&O set?
Sisto: No, no. But recently I've been playing with friends of Jesse’s. It's like old-school poker, before Texas Hold’em became the thing. Back when you used to play silly games that take no skill.

TV Guide: So what's the verdict from Law & Order's most demanding audience — New York City cops?
Sisto: They’re responding pretty darn well to me. I'm really happy about that.”

The link to the TV Guide article can be found here.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Sam Waterston On Rachel Ray – Video Clips

Last week, Sam Waterston was on the Rachel Ray show. Someone posted s a few clips up on YouTube that I have listed below. One is a portion of the interview, where Sam recalls an encounter with Katharine Hepburn. Sam's impression of Katharine is hilarious. There is also a second video where Sam answered questions from viewers that came in via the Internet.


Sam on the Rachel Ray Show - Excerpt

Sam With Behind The Scenes Q&A

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chris Noth Appears at Windsor Tea Room

Law & Order and Crimininal Intent's Chris Noth made an appearance at his long-time girlfriend’s tea room in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, named “Once Upon a Teacup.”

The Windsor Star reports:

“For new father Chris Noth, coming to Windsor was a chance to catch up on some sleep.

"Honey, let me do some press for the Teacup, get some zzzs," Noth joked Saturday at Once Upon a Teacup, the Windsor child-oriented tea room that is the brainchild of his longtime girlfriend and Windsor native Tara Wilson.

Wilson gave birth to the couple's first child, Orion Christopher, three weeks ago and mom stayed in New York City on the weekend while Noth, of Sex and the City and Law and Order fame, came to Windsor to meet with fans and film a segment on the tea room for Entertainment Tonight Canada.

The Teacup is a fantastic idea that Tara and her sister Stephanie and their best friend Tina came up with and it's been going great guns," said Noth, who recently wrapped up filming of the Sex and the City movie.

"I'm very proud of them, I'm very proud of the business itself. It's a place to bring kids together and the community together and we're about to franchise, we're looking to go to Montreal, Toronto, always in family-oriented places. I like to get involved in things that bring people together, whether it's music or something like this."

The tea room is located at Banwell Road and Wildwood Drive.

Customers who purchased a latte at the shop in recent weeks were also given the opportunity to win a lunch with Noth on Saturday. About two dozen fans lined up outside the shop waiting to meet the actor, many carrying memorabilia from his shows.

Once Upon a Teacup is a place designed for mothers and their children to meet with friends, share a meal, drink specialty teas and dress up in costumes.

Noth said when he first agreed to help finance the project he didn't imagine his own child might be a customer.

"I had no idea when we started it that I'd be bringing my kid here," said Noth.

"I'm going to say 'Orion, go dress up as Spiderman and leave us alone.'"

Noth said he enjoys visiting Windsor, in particular the casino "where I lose my money." “

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sam Waterston At Clinton Presidential Center

On February 15, 2008, Law & Order's Sam Waterston will perform "Lincoln Seen and Heard," a re-enactment of Abraham Lincoln speeches, at the Clinton Presidential Center in Arkansas. This is part of the Kumpuris Lecture Series, and is sponsored by the Clinton School, Clinton Foundation and AT&T. The performance is free, seating is limited, but rumor is it's already sold out.

Sam has done Lincoln so many times, he can probably do it in his sleep!

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Law & Order Look-Alikes

Sometimes when I’m watching Law & Order, I’m struck by how some of the actors remind me of other celebrities. So, I thought I’d take a minute and share my L&O look-alike list with you. I swear some of these people have got to be related!

Chris Meloni and Elias Koteas

Jeremy Sisto and Jim Morrison

Vincent D’Onofrio and Vince Vaughn

Jesse Martin and Marvin Gaye
(Martin will be starring as Marvin Gaye in the upcoming movie "Sexual Healing)

Angie Harmon and Susan Misner

(They even sound alike)

Chris Noth and Eddie Munster

Sam Waterston and Sam the Eagle (The Muppets) It's the eyebrows.

If anyone else has some L & O look-alikes, let me know!

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Monday, February 4, 2008

Sam Waterston On Rachel Ray Show

Sam Waterston is scheduled to be on the Rachel Ray show on Wednesday, February 6, 2008. Check your local listing for times.

I’m not a watcher of Rachel’s show, but I will likely tune in to watch this episode.

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