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Friday, April 17, 2009

Isabel Gillies – From Stabler’s Wife to NY Times Best Selling Author

Back in February, I wrote about a book titled “Happens Every Day” written by Isabel Gillies , who plays Kathy Stabler, wife of Detective Elliot Stabler on Law & Order SVU. At the time, her book was just being released at Starbucks.

Now, Isabel’s book has reached a much wider audience, and her book, a memoir titled “Happens Every Day: An All-Too-True Story” is now a New York Times Best Seller. Her story is billed as a raw, honest, gut-wrenching story about her crumbling marriage and ultimate divorce. But, despite all this turmoil, Isabel turns the tables and leaves any sense of self-pity at the door, writing with enlightened humor about survival.

In case you want more information about this book, I have included a video with Isabel below, where she talks about her story. “Happens Every Day” is also available on Amazon.com, where you can obtain more information about the book and read some reviews. You can also read a “sneak peek’ of Chapter 1 here.

Isabel Gillies Talks About “Happens Every Day”

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