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Monday, December 14, 2009

Michael Moriarty Jumps Into Law & Order Political Controversy

Michael Moriarty - who fans of Law & Order will remember as Ben Stone, the first EADA for Law & Order - has long been very outspoken for the right, his political rants legendary (not in a good way). He’s decided to jump into the controversy stirred up with the recent episode of Law & Order SVU "Anchor" and other episodes of Law & Order. You can read Moriarty’s editorial at this link: Michael Moriarty “The Increasingly Left Law and Order." He seems to blame Law & Order executive producer Rene Balcer for almost everything. I guess he isn't aware that Neal Baer is executive producer of SVU, who is really the one responsible for "Anchor," an episode that even left-wingers thought went a little overboard.

Michael Moriarty “The Increasingly Left Law and Order"

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Anonymous said...

Poor MM I pity him.

John K. said...

Actually, he's just doing a general rant about "Memo from the Dark Side" and the series' current brand of leftism. Although, his rant is timely, because of the recent "Anchor"/"Fed" lulz, so "Anchor" is his opening segue, if nothing else.

In reading it, he doesn't mention "Anchor" too much, but he should have said a few words on Baer, I agree.

These Are Their Stories said...

I think that he was jumping on the backwagon because of Anchor, since he specifically mentioned how the episode slammed O'Reilly. Had that episode not happened in that way and O'Reilly not responded, I think that Moriarty ay not have written the piece the way he did. This is why I think he is pointing the finger wrongly at Balcer, since Neal Baer produced "Anchor" and that is what got everyone really riled up.

Anonymous said...

The video he uses was dated 2005 when Rene Balcer was still the Executive Producer of CI which at that time was in the fifth season.
I was able to date that video due to Balcer saying CI had 93 episodes. Before Rene Balcer left CI as the showrunner, the show had celebrated 100 episodes.

I don't like the use of political rhetoric on scripted dramas regardless of whether it is from the left or right. I just find it boring and feel it is the writers making up for lack of a better storyline. I did think the Anchor episode was more heavy handed and only had the saving grace of giving Ice T more airtime. I just wish he would have been given a better episode to headline.

John K. said...

Yes, but a lot of people weren't thrilled with "Memo" or "FED" either, which Balcer had co-written.* And, yes, the show has taken a sharp turn to the Left, ever since Balcer's return. (Although, late Season 19 had tried to go the opposite. But then, Balcer didn't write anything since "Challenged," so. At least, as show runner, he let things go that I thought he would have buried, like "Skate or Die"'s Willie Horton reference.)

I do agree that Moriarty could have toned down his word choice, but, at least, he backs himself up, per somewhat current Balcer with the video clip. As for "jumping on the bandwagon," yeah, I could agree with that. (Although, his criticisms have more credibility since he was on the show, and Balcer was definitely around since Season 1.)

Incidentally, here is what Moriarty said about "Memo" before he became a Big Hollywood member. Something to think about, anyway. It's also a nice interview as he elaborates on new connections with the Ben Stone character, and what not.

Link: http://www.irishexaminerusa.com/mt/2009/11/24/a_conversation_with_former_law.html

As for SVU, I don't think anyone has ever asked Moriarty about the show, so. Either way, I do believe it to be a decent segue, but your point is valid.

*For those interested in "FED" criticism, here you go, as it wasn't all on "Anchor." Then again, "Anchor" is what everyone's talking about, yes?

Link: http://bighollywood.breitbart.com/mrulle/2009/12/15/law-and-order-trashes-acorn-videos/

John K. said...


Stupid link issues. If that doesn't work, this should, as I x-posted.


alynch said...
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alynch said...

So an episode where the conservatives are portrayed as merely being a bit unruly while the liberals are portrayed as embezzling, adulterous murderers is leftist propaganda? An episode where liberals actually murder a conservative in order to prevent him from exposing their corruption? Yeah, that makes sense.

And just to be clear, Moriarty does specifically take Balcer to task for "Anchor" in that post:

"However, according to Balcer, 'you get in trouble (with a lot of people) if you attack President Bush by name …'

Hmmm … apparently talk show hosts like Bill O’Reilly are another matter.

Yet Balcer claims he shies away from “ad hominem” attacks.


Based on that, we can reasonably assume that he believes Balcer is responsible for that episode, which does harm his credibility a bit since it's a mistake that could've been easily fixed with about 30 seconds of research.

John K. said...

If it helps, I think both episodes had too much lulz. I think it's the whole "making the victim less than sympathetic" is why people aren't thrilled with it. Incidentally, if you want the role reveral, 2004's "Veteran's Day" had an anti-war activist killed by a military father, and the latter was portrayed somewhat sympathetically and the former, not so much. So, I'd call it even, I suppose.

As for the misdirected blame, point taken, as I finally had a chance to re-read it, today. Serves me right, I suppose, as I did skim some parts. (Computer time is rather limited for me, these days, so I'm always in a rush.)