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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Law & Order 2004 Set Tour (With Jerry Orbach)

Someone just uploaded this 2004 video of the late Jerry Orbach (Law & Order) giving a full tour of the Law & Order set, which doesn’t appear much different than what we see on current episodes. Enjoy it while it's available! (It made me realize even more how much I miss "Lennie Briscoe.")

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windy city girl said...

That's pretty awesome. I miss Jerry O. & Lennie!

Shelly said...

Thanks sooo much for posting that. I love it. While I do enjoy the current cast, this does make me miss Lennie/Jerry even more.

Quick question about the set though, specifically the squad room. Is this, more or less, the same set they've used from the beginning? I've been watching the first and second season eps on TNT, and while it's generally the same, there are some differences. I seem to remember that they didn't always film at the pier, but I could be wrong? Anyone know?

Thanks again!

All Things Law and Order said...

Shelly, sorry for my delay in responding. I think that the squad room has been pretty much the same, but I think they've moved the desks around a bit, maybe painted it a slightly different color from the early season, and [pssobly the most obvious change is the changes in just lighting the area. Once the show started filming in the HD format, a llot of things looked different just because the lighting seemed more like a TV set rather than a real squad room!