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Monday, June 7, 2010

Vincent D’Onofrio in NYC (Candid Photos)

I’m finally getting caught up on some odds and ends that I haven’t had time to work on over the last few weeks. Here are a few photos of Vincent D’Onofrio (Law & Order Criminal Intent) and his sons Luca and Elias in New York City on May 27, 2010.(Hugh Jackman also pops into a few of the photos – what a nice bonus!)

Please note: I am sorry, but the photos are no longer available.

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Anonymous said...

Luca is an adorable golden-haired cherub and Elias is a good looking little boy. Both greatly resemble their father!
I loved how Vincent protectively held his oldest son hand as they walked along the street.
It is clear that he is a loving parent and has a strong bond with his two boys!
However, my only quibble is that their taping Vincent and his children along with High Jackman and his children over the course of several blocks exposed all those children too much! aka Xeresa

goren luver! said...


Anonymous said...

Vincent looks like a bouncer in these pics. If I saw him on the street and didn't know who he was, that would be my first guess. Cute kids though!

Rosemary said...

I noticed the resemblance too! Also, they walked right by the Bread Factory Cafe where I have eaten. Imagine walking out of there and seeing Vincent with his boys!