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Friday, April 12, 2013

Notice: My Coverage of Ice-T Has Discontinued

I am discontinuing any active coverage of Ice-T on my web sites All Things Law And Order and These Are Their Stories. There are several reasons for this, but the decision was made easy when he blocked me from his Twitter feed yesterday. Those of you who don't have Twitter have asked for the details on what happened, so here they are:

It started when Ice-T posted a photo with someone called 2 Chainz, both holding glocks. 2 Chains held a glock to his head,  Ice-T pointed his at the camera. I am supporter of the Second Amendment, but I also believe in responsible gun ownership. While I felt that photo was in bad taste, I considered the source and let it go.

Yesterday, I saw the following tweets show up in my Twitter feed for Ice-T (caution: expletive):

Growing very tired of grown adults acting like juveniles, I replied with the following:

Ice-T blocked me from his Twitter feed in a virtual nanosecond.  (Mind you, all that does is keep his public tweets out of my feed and keeps him off my followers list, but I can still go to his Twitter page and see all his public tweets.)  It was very disappointing that he would take such action, considering all the coverage I've given him over the years, at great cost to me (and none to him).  As he apparently felt the need to make a statement by blocking me, I feel I must also make the statement by discontinuing covering him.

His hypocrisy became evident when he later tweeted this:

Ice-T may think he’s writing this to apply others who diss him, but it also applies to himself. He needs to take a serious look in the mirror;  his often angry replies and swift use of blocking people who speak their minds to him means that he’s the one who is thin-skinned.

This morning, he added this:

Again, Ice-T should take a look in the mirror. He may feel like his reaction and response to the first tweet (the tweet where a woman called him a name) was justified, but he forgets the saying “two wrongs don’t make a right.” His response to the name calling was to take the low road and call names right back. That behavior belongs on the preschool playground. (By the way, my "two wrongs" example actually sounds more like simple math than his example.)

I really shouldn’t care what those two people masquerading as adults have to say. But when one of them makes a point to tweet his response to a few hundred thousand followers, can he really be that naïve to think someone wouldn’t talk back to him? Apparently Ice-T can dish it out but he can’t take it.

After getting many emails of support when I announced on Twitter and Facebook that I won’t cover him on my blogs any longer, I decided that it was the right time to do a little housecleaning and scrub my web sites of Ice-T. Readers will likely see the effect more on “These Are Their Stories” where I’ve given coverage to his activities/TV shows outside of Law & Order SVU. I’ve removed all photos and videos of Ice-T from that site and won’t be adding any more. On All Things Law And Order, I will eventually remove many (if not all) individual photos of him, unless he’s in a photo with another person or if it is a publicity still from NBC. Video interview clips of Ice-T on my YouTube channel are no longer available for viewing. Clips where he’s featured with other cast members will likely remain publicly available. While I can’t avoid mentioning his character in recaps and reviews, I won’t be including photos of his character in those recaps. Last but not least, don’t look for his photo on my blog headers.

Thanks for your understanding and your support!


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Call me old-fashioned but I always cringe when someone says 'b#tch' -- it's a misogynist slur ... looks like Ice-T hasn't learned a lot during his 10+ years with SVU.
And if there's one thing I can't stand it's adults who can't take criticism or admit they might have acted wrongly.

But I admit it's also sad for me, I always liked Fin, he always put a smile on my face when I watched the show. Won't see that happen anytime soon now. Oh well.

Chris, I support your decision to "scrub" your websites of Ice-T, and want to thank you for all the hard work you put into your blogs!