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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Richard Belzer Releases “Dead Wrong 2” E-book

Richard Belzer (Law & Order SVU) has published a new e-book “Dead Wrong 2” which is a look into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. The book a available on Amazon.com, and here is an overview:

Diana, Princess of Wales, met a tragic end in the early morning hours of August 31, 1997, in what appeared to be an unfortunate traffic accident. Supposedly speeding through a Paris tunnel, driven by an intoxicated chauffer, her boyfriend by her side, the car wrecked as it was chased by a horde of paparazzi

At least that's what you're supposed to believe.

Authors Richard Belzer and David Wayne know the truth: Princess Diana was not only assassinated, she knew she would be murdered. She even knew how it would happen, it was simply a matter of when. Allow us, please, to present the facts in what is easily one of the most shocking deliberate acts of murder of all time.

"Dead Wrong 2" lays it all out there in impeccably researched truth, so intensely compelling once you begin reading this e-book you won't be able to stop until you've finished. What you thought you knew has nothing in common with what actually happened. This book sets the record straight, once and for all.

This book is now available at Amazon.com a this link:
”Dead Wrong 2 Diane, Princess of Wales” by Richard Belzer and David Wayne

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OhSusannah said...

This explains why Richard Belzer doesn't appear as much as he used to on SVU. It would seem he is as much a conspiracy theorist that Munch actually is.I bet this would be a good read.Good luck with his writing and his semi-retirement form network television.

Cardinal said...

There have been several times when Belz has taken time off for writing, especially when he worked on his first two books with David Wayne, "Dead Wrong" and "Hit List." He genuinely is a conspiracy theorist, his main area of interest being the assassination of JFK and what happened to those who knew "too much" about that tragic event.

I've read the book (and reviewed it on Amazon) and there was a wealth of information about Princess Diana's assassination that I didn't know -- and I have always followed the articles about her murder very carefully. You can really 'hear' Belz's voice as you read "Dead Wrong 2," it's a fast read at around 75 pages and the price was painless at $3.99. I highly recommend it.