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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vincent D’Onofrio to Participate in Detox Program with 9/11 Heroes

WENN has reported that Vincent D'Onofrio (Law & Order Criminal Intent) has signed up to participate in the detox program that firefighters and police officers who experienced the horrors and nightmares of 9/11 must undertake, in a show of his support and solidarity. Vincent’s stepfather was a fireman, and Vincent was among the first wave of celebrities asked to help raise morale at Ground Zero after the 2001 terrorist attacks on New York. As Vincent is between movies, he plans to spend much of August detoxing with one of the charity causes he regularly helps to raise funds for - The Heroes Health Project.

Vincent told WENN:

"One of the things that I always knew about my stepdad was he was so different than I was. I'm not that kind of a man. I don't go running into burning buildings when everybody else is running out. I run out too.

"These guys are exactly like him. They don't whine, they don't ask for help and they need it, so I try to ask for help for them.

When 9/11 happened, the U.S. Marshalls put together a list of people to come down to Ground Zero to help raise morale when they weren't finding anybody alive. I was on that list and all I did for 20-something hours was talk to them. I'm gonna go through the detox program with a bunch of firefighters and cops in New York just so I know what it's like.

It's a long, expensive thing that takes up to six or seven weeks to get through and I'm gonna do it. I heard it's pretty painful at times because releasing these toxins through their bodies puts them through a lot of pain to get it all out and it's a horror but I have some time now, so I think I'm gonna start the first week of next month.

I know some of the guys who went through it... who I talk to on the phone all the time and, to hear the journey that they've been on - falling ill and then recovering is amazing... I'm working very hard to try and do the right thing for these guys."

What a wonderful thing for Vincent to do! He's such a class act.

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Lozzie Cap said...

I don't fully understand what it is that Vincent will be going through - I've heard of faddish de-tox "diets" here in the UK that seem to focus on cabbage soup and multivitamins.

Good lord. Does this mean he will have to give up SMOKING??

Amy said...

Lozzie, the process is detailed here. http://www.utah-detox.org/detoxification.html

I've read up on it quite a bit now and it's actually a very controversial method in some circles. the whole thing is based on an L Ron Hubbard method - which explains the controversy - and the whole project is linked to, and indeed run by Scientologists. I've heard from people involved that Vincent is very uneasy over that connection as well as it's connection to a large republican contribution. However, evidence does show that it works so hopefully people can get past that. I think it's great that Vincent is so in to it and that HE is willing to get past his own beliefs to help others.

Amy said...

and actually I just noticed that in the link I just posted there is an 'evidence' sheet which does mention that it's the L Ron Hubbard method.


Anonymous said...

I don;t care for L. Ron Hubbard at all but from what I undertsand, Vincent has been very supportive of those police and firefighters and it sounds like he wants to go through it with them to support them. Who knows, maybe he is also looking to lose a few pounds in the process and clean up his own act. It is a nice gesture of support and I hope it helps the 9/11 crew.