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Monday, November 1, 2010

Chris Noth & Family Trick Or Treating In Costume

Chris Noth (Law & Order and L&O CI) was out with girlfriend Tara Wilson and their son Orion for some Trick Or Treating in Bentwood, California. (The things parents must do for their children – his costume goes above and beyond the call of duty!) Enjoy the photos.

Please note: I am sorry, but the photos are no longer available.

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havers said...

How adorable...what a cute family.

TJara said...


Outerbankschick said...

SO cute! Gotta love it when Mom and Dad are willing to get out there in costume, too!

Music Wench said...

I love that they're all dressed up!!! It's so CUTE. I just love Chris Noth. They're such a lovely family. :-)