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Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy 70th Birthday to Sam Waterston

Here’s a few videos that I dug up from my archives to help celebrate Sam’s big milestone birthday. Almost everybody knows him as Law & Order’s Jack McCoy, but others may know him for his portrayal of President Abraham Lincoln. Since we don’t get to see him any more on new episodes of Law & Order (pause for weeping), the current generation may only know Sam as “that TD Ameritrade guy” (a sad thought). Happy Birthday Sam!

Law & Order - Jack blows his top

20 Years of Law & Order

Regarding Lincoln

The Face of TD Ameritrade


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Ol Cranky said...

quintessential Sam Waterston: The Killing Fields

Dalton said...

Happy Birthday to a living legend!

It's been said millions of times before, but so sad the mothership isn't on anymore.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jack McCoy. So sad that the writiers at SVU can't even mention your name. When the Franchise stops mentioning McCoy, it has lost its way.