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Friday, February 25, 2011

Saffron Burrows on Location for “The Finder”

Here are several photos of Saffron Burrows (Law & Order Criminal Intent) on location this week for the new Fox series “The Finder,” a spinoff of the Fox series “Bones” and based on the “The Locator” books by author Richard Greener. Also in the photos are co-stars Michael Clarke Duncan and Geoff Stults. The show was being filmed at an ocean front restaurant on Miami's famous Ocean Drive.

Please note: I am sorry, but the photos are no longer available.

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MissJanet said...

Beautiful woman, but what is that hair?

Anonymous said...

I can't tell if she's constantly pursing her lips, or if that's just the way her face is. She kind of reminds me of Phoebe Price.