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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tamara Tunie To Appear on “Days Of Our Lives”

TVLine.com reports that Tamara Tunie (Law & Order SVU) will be making an appearance on the NBC soap “Days Of Our Lives”. Her role is described as “short — but pivotal!” and she will be playing Judge Weston. Read the full story here: TVLine: Days of Our Lives Exclusive: Law & Order: SVU Vet Tamara Tunie to Judge John Black

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1 comment:

doctormelindawarner said...

Thanks for posting this up. I'm so excited and shocked by this news! not the soap itself I guess, but that she's going to be playing a judge which is new to me I don't think she's ever played a judge before, but she has played a hardened character before though so it'll be interesting to see her play both a harderned character and a character at the same time.

It's funny I was reading the news on another site and some of the fans want Tamara to become a regular cast member already and she isn't even on the show yet! Now me I wouldn't that either myself, so I can't blame them, I'd love to see her do two shows at once again it was awesome when she did it before with ATWT & SVU I loved it so much. Thank god she's not new the soap world so she'll fit right in with Days.

It seems like she's not on TV much during SVU's breaks they have and that needs to change, now that I'm complaining because I'm not. I just that I want to see her a lot more on TV during the breaks, not less.