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Monday, October 17, 2011

Jamie Bamber to Guest Star on “House”

Michael Ausiello of TVLine.com reports that Jamie Bamber (Law & Order UK) will have a guest starring role on the November 7 episode of “House.” Read the full story here: "House Scoop: BSG's Jamie Bamber Checks In".

The Fox press release lists the following details for this episode:

HOUSE: “The Confession” Monday, November 7, 2011 (PM ET
A man (guest star Jamie Bamber) well-respected in his community suddenly collapses, and in the process of diagnosing his symptoms, the team discovers that the patient has been hiding dark secrets and lying about his personal and professional life. But when the patient openly confesses his wrongdoings to his family and community, he compromises his chances of receiving the proper medical treatment that could save his life. Meanwhile, Chase (Jesse Spencer) and Taub (Peter Jacobson) rejoin the team, and Taub tries to balance life at the hospital with his responsibilities as a father of two infant daughters from two different mothers.

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