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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Eric Bogosian In “Cadillac Records”

Eric Bogosian (Law & Order Criminal Intent) has a role in the upcoming film, “Cadillac Records.” The film, which opens December 5, is set in the 1950s Chicago, and is about the rise of Chess Records. Bogosian plays Alan Freed.

There also seems to be another familiar Law & Order Criminal Intent face in the movie trailer. Take a look at the pictures from the trailer, you decide. (The person of whom I speak is not listed in the official movie credits at this time.)

You can view the trailer on the official web site for the movie, here, and also below.

Bogosian as Alan Freed

Hmmm..could this be...?

Sure looks like Vincent D'Onofrio to me.

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Anonymous said...

Yes it's VDO. Apparently he did the role for a friend and, w/o pay or credit. (This is 3rd party info about the pay)

Rosemary said...

LOJ, just saw this! I wanted to see Cadillac Records anyway, as I am a fan of both the blues and Adrian Brody. VDO as well!

And by the way, when I was about 5 or 6 years old we lived next door to Alan Freed for a few months. Really.
I don't remember him though I did play with his daughter.

- Roseha

These Are Their Stories said...

Hey Roseha, that is pretty cool! He is also fairly well known here in the Cleveland Ohio area where he spent some time in the 1950s working at the local radio stations and it's where he had his famous "Moondog Coronation Ball."