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Monday, December 29, 2008

Chris Noth Cuts "The “Cutting Room”

The Gawker reports that Chris Noth (Law & Order Criminal Intent) will be closing his jazzy restaurant and bar ‘The Cutting Room” which is in the Flatiron district.

The Gawker says, “Per a press release we received, the SNL afterparty venue closes January 13 with a performance by Joan Rivers. There's just no room in New York anymore for the pet venues of wealthy celebrities! From the release: “The Cutting Room is closing due to an untenable rent increase, with the building's landlord demanding more than double the current rent. It is only the latest New York intimate performance venue to close; in recent years, venues from Fez to CBGB have shuttered due to the hostile real estate market.”… Noth is going to try and open "later this year," according to the press release. Uh, well, there are only three days left. But real estate types in New York are pretty desperate right now, so you never know…”

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