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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vincent D’Onofrio Talks About “Kill The Irishman”

Here’s a video of the ever-busy Vincent D’Onofrio (Law & order Criminal Intent) talking about his role in the film “Kill The Irishman” (formerly titled "The Irishman"), a film about Cleveland Ohio “mobster” Danny Greene. Vincent will play John Nardi, a Cleveland racketeer and crime family associate.

As I have lived in the Cleveland area all my life, I am somewhat familiar with the Danny Greene “era”, so it will be interesting to see how well the movie follows the real events.

If the video does not display for you, you can access it via the following link:
Vincent D’Onfrio Interview “Kill The Irishman”

Update March 6, 2011 - the film is scheduled for a limited release, as follows:

Opening in Select Theaters March 11th:

New York - Landmark Sunshine Cinema
Los Angeles - AMC Broadway 4
Cleveland - Cedar Lee / Cinemark 24 Valley View / Regal Crocker Park

Opening in additional theaters March 18th:

Detroit - Landmark Main Art
Chicago - AMC River East / Century Evanston 18
Boston - Kendall Square Cinema

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MovieSet Community said...

Thanks for sharing the V D'O video from The Irishman.

Along with this clip, MovieSet.com has published a whole batch of content from the set in Detroit including interviews with Christopher Walken and Ray Stevenson along with crew discussing recreating hairstyles from the era.

In his interviews D'Onofrio's discusses how he got to know his real-life counterparts from the true story.

If you are interested, all the new videos and stills from the set of The Irishman are at: http://www.movieset.com/theirishman

Thanks again for sharing this clip from an exceptional actor.