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Friday, April 23, 2010

Alana De La Garza Expecting A Baby!

People Magazine reports that Alana De La Garza (Law & Order) and husband Mike Roberts are expecting a baby, due in October. This will be their first!

You can read the full details at the following link to People Magazine:
Alana De La Garza Expecting First Child

An excerpt that will interest fans:

“Will they write the pregnancy into Law & Order or try to hide it?

They’re going to write it in, which is really exciting especially since Law & Order isn’t really a character-driven show.

My character doesn’t have a boyfriend, she’s not married, no love interest … in the season finale there’s a scene in a bar and I was joking around with everyone as we were filming, saying, “Oh, I think tonight’s the night Connie gets knocked up!” “

Congratulations to Alana and Mike!

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tripp3235 said...

I don't know what to think about this. I want to be excited, of course, I'm happy for Alana and I remember Connie saying she wanted children.

But I really had hoped we were going somewhere with Mike/Connie and I just don't know how this could possibly be good for my ship. Even if it's random guy she never sees again.

Animelee said...

I hope it's Mike's!

Scarlet said...

I was wondering why she was wearing such a loose blouse in the pics from the Lindsay Vonn episode because Connie is always in such tailored clothing. Now I know.

tripp3235: maybe if it's with a guy Connie never sees again, Mike could some how be involved? I'm sure we'll be wondering lots over the summer. I wonder who will be Mike's second chair when Connie is on Mat leave.

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, the fan fic writers must be having a field day with this. So happy for Alana, she seems to be such a nice person.


tripp3235 said...

Scarlet, I doubt I'd be ever thrilled with Connie having a one night stand with a stranger (though better than that than a WTH moment with someone else like Lupo or Bernard), but the show has set up in "Brazil" that having an absentee father himself, Mike would want more for Connie's baby.

And yes, FF wise, I can see several scenarios that could make this wonderful for the couple. But it would also be easy for them to just end the ship altogether. I hope whatever they decide, we know for sure SF and it's not a cliff hanger.

The Movie Queen said...

Well as Alana said L&O is not a "character driven" show although we find out about the characters periodically over the years.

I would not be surprised if the baby will be Mike's. Even if it does not seem realistic it could provide some interesting stories upcoming up. because it can be problematic for future cases.

And its definitely been foreshadowed this season at least three times including "For the Defense".

But I am not sure whether the writers will do it.

we'll see.

rebekah said...

Seriously, having Mike and Connie have a child together would create too much drama - and this show is about the case at hand, not about the character's love lives. Having Mike and Connie hook up would steer the show in an unfortunate direction - as cute as they are together.

lolvr said...

The show would jump the shark if it would be Cutter's baby. There is no way that anyone could ever take that storyline seriously.

The "surrogate" thing was already used on L&O CI when Erbe had her baby so they can't use that.

I hope they don't amke too big a deal of it, I don't want this show to tread into soap opera territory like SVU.

I am very happy for Alana and her husband. She seems like such a nice person.

tripp3235 said...

I don't think jumping the shark applies on a show that is in it's 20+ season. You can only showcase the same formula over and over again before everyone involved can get bored by it. I think the reason the show has improved these last few seasons is because it's become more character driven but that's just me.

But I don't want it to become a soap opera either. It doesn't have to be, even if it were Mike's. Now bringing in a new character as "the father" (or use yet someone else) that would make seem heavy handed. Either let it be Mike's or the father is a non entity she never sees again. I also agree since they did surrogate on CI, they wouldn't do it again here.

Jen said...

Aww, I'm so happy for Alana; she's so excited. What great news!

As for writing it into the show. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Mike is the father. In fact, to me, it would be more bizarre if he wasn't. They're not currently in a relationship, but their growing affection has been hinted at a lot this season.

I agree that the last few seasons have been great precisely because of the added characterization, and this is still Law & Order; they won't turn it into an angst fest. Having the baby be Mike's wouldn't ruin it and would actually make more sense than anything else given the storyline up to this point. My guess is that since Alana will be so far along by then, she'll just all of a sudden be there, clearly pregnant, and we'll learn from random comments/scenes here and there what happened.

Scarlet said...

Jen: Interesting point about the baby possibly being Mike's. It would be a shipper's dream. :) So, I guess we'll have a better idea come the finale.

Anonymous said...

I think the biggest problem with having the baby be Mike's is that he is her boss. While that's not unheard of, Mike strikes me as a by the book sort of guy (in many ways), so I don't see him and Connie actually hooking up. While it's been hinted at, I don't believe it's a line he's willing to cross. Moreover, he doesn't strike me as Connie's type. I think the way Criminal Minds handled it with AJ Cook was quite good - and we have seen a love interest or two for Connie in the past - so you know, it's possible that they could pull someone out of the woodwork. I think, however, that it will be a non-entity like a previous poster said. If it were a Mike/Connie union, that runs the risk of dominating the show, and I think would prove difficult for the writers in the long run.

Dalton said...

While I am so very happy for Alana and her boyfriend, the sad thing is that the season finale that involves her baby might very well be the series finale as well if something doesn't happen over the summer.