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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mariska Hargitay & Peter Hermann Adopt Baby Girl

Congratulations to Mariska Hargitay and husband Peter Hermann on their adoption of a baby girl. According to UsMagazine "The couple are overjoyed by the wonder of their new daughter,” [Hargitay's] rep, Leslie Sloane, tells Usmagazine.com. "Her brother, August, is thrilled to have the sister he's always wanted."

The baby's name is Amaya Josephine, born about a week ago and is from the United States.

Read the UsMagazine story here: Mariska Hargitay Adopts

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CLA said...

Congratulations to Mariska and her beautiful family. If I had admired this woman for their beauty, talent, generosity, now I admire more. Mariska is a real class act.

Alicja Buczkowska said...

Thats really cool Mariska adopted a baby, she's such an amazing person! I'm also glad she didn't name her child a mudane and odd name, Amaya Josephine is unheard of, yet pretty.

Alicja Buczkowska said...

Maybe they'll write this into the show...hmmm...