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Friday, March 23, 2012

Neal Baer Talks With “Media Mayhem”

Neal Baer, former Law & Order SVU showrunner, was recently interviewed by Allison Hope Weiner, journalist and host of “Media Mayhem.” The video interview is below; Neal gives some interesting insights into his extensive career in television dramas – including Law & Order SVU. The interview is a little over one hour long; here is a breakdown of the episode to help you follow specific topics:

00:01 Media Mayhem introduction.
00:36 A note on fact-checking.
03:23 Welcoming Neal Baer.
07:10 The transition from medicine to tv.
10:23 Making the doctors of ER more realistic and the reaction.
14:17 The response to ER from doctors.
18:10 Infusing social issues into ER, Law and Order: SVU, and A Gifted Man.
25:47 The stakes of controversy on primetime--answering to advertisers.
28:48 The most controversial show of Neal's career.
30:44 "How has the media dealt with the wars?"
35:05 "Is it acceptable to air your politics directly in your shows?"
37:19 The impact of the "Rape Kit" show on society.
40:39 Connecting people to the resources for action: Dr. Baer's website.
47:07 How Neal multi-tasks his many endeavors.
48:07 Writing Killswitch and the trilogy of novels.
51:05 Women's issues and contemporary media in the writing.
54:13 How are we going to change laws once public awareness is there?
57:41 The media as villain on SVU.
01:01:37 Learning to be more nuanced with issue driven programs.
01:04:17 Thanks and goodbye.

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