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Monday, August 25, 2008

Alana De La Garza Filming Law & Order in NYC

Law & Order’s Alana De La Garza (ADA Connie Rubirosa) was spotted last week filming a Law & Order episode in New York City. There was also a photo of Linus Roache at the same filming location, but he was wearing a suit and tie, and looked rather dull compared to Alana. Besides, with all the Sam Waterston press lately, I though I’d find something for the guys to enjoy. So, here’s one for the guys!

OK, OK, here's Linus:

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Toni said...

Linus Roache photos are ALWAYS welcome--thanks! :)

Where'd you find these?

Can't wait till January when new eps start up again.

John K. said...

Nice to know it's being filmed. I'm sure it was, but you never know. heh. Nice pic of De la Garza.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for photos, if, you could have Sam's photos on the place of shooting, I shall like.


These Are Their Stories said...

Toni, the pictures were actually available from quite a few sources, but they originated from wireimage.com. (One has to be a paying member - or know someone who is - to get the large shots from wireimage without their logo burned into the photo.

samfan said...

Great pics! I wonder where in NYC they were filming? Any pics of the rest or the cast??