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Friday, August 8, 2008

Elisabeth Rohm Planning October Nuptials

OK Magazine informs that Elisabeth Rohm (“Serena Southerlyn”, Law & Order) is preparing for an October wedding. Besides bringing baby Easton, she also wants to bring her dog, Homer. Be cautious, Elisabeth. Dog drool doesn’t look good on a wedding dress.

Here’s the story from OK Magazine:

Elisabeth Rohm Makes Room for Dog, Baby in Wedding
By Valerie Nome

Elisabeth Rohm is feeling pressure to pull off a wedding in October, but being a new mom to daughter Easton, four months, has changed her focus.

The actress, 35, is set to wed Easton’s dad, entrepreneur Ron Wooster.

“We are still in the midst of putting things together because the baby has taken so much time,” she tells OK! “We’re trying to get back on track with it. We are a little bit behind the eight ball, and we need to hustle. We’ve been on the vortex of starting a family. We have to become organized very quickly.”

Elisabeth wants her golden retriever Homer to be part of the ceremony. The actress is a national celebrity cabinet member for American Red Cross campaign Dog Days of Summer, which promotes pet safety.

“I absolutely would love for Homer to be the flower dog,” she tells OK! “He’s sharing center stage with the baby. She’ll be the flower girl and he’ll be the flower dog.”

Luckily, dog and baby get along great. “He loves her and he sleeps outside her bedroom door every night,” she tells OK!

Raising Easton, who loves to laugh, puts life into perspective.

“I always have the same mantra everyday. I say ‘you come first, and anything that doesn’t get done because I’m taking care of you, doesn’t need to get done.’ It’s so easy to become like ‘I’m taking care of the baby all the time, but I have all these things I want to do.’ It’s easy to get overwhelmed as a new mother, and I decided from day one that I wasn’t going to get overwhelmed as a new mother. I was going to make her the top priority, and whatever else I could do, I would do.”

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