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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Archive of American Television: Dick Wolf

There is a seven part video on YouTube from The Archive Of American Television that features Dick Wolf. These videos are up to 30 minutes long, and Dick goes into a lot of detail about his complete career.

In one of the videos (link below), Dick talks about Law & Order. It is interesting that before Law & Order came on, he felt he was “one step away” from his career being over. He also didn’t have high expectations for Law & Order, but it also was a “life or death” situation for him. He also admits that Law & Order was a “throwaway” show; he ordered Law & Order to acquire a show called “Nasty Boys.”

The embedding feature is disabled for these video, so if you’d like to see the segment where he talks about Law & Order, you can access it via this link. You can also access the remaining parts 1 through 7 via that same link by seaching YouTube for “Dick Wolf TV Legends”.

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