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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chris Meloni, Carey Lowell at Nights In Rodanthe Premier

Chris Meloni (Law & Order SVU) and Cary Lowell (Law & Order) hit the red carpet for the New York premier of the movie “Nights in Rodanthe.” Chris had a starring role in the film, and Carey’s husband, Richard Gere, had top billing. Here are some photos of the event, which was held at the Ziegfeld Theatre on September 23, 2008, in New York City

Director George C. Wolfe, Diane Lane, Richard Gere, Christopher Meloni

Carey Lowell

Chris Meloni

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John K. said...

Nice dress on Lowell. Hoo-boy. Heh.

Still, I liked this entry, as I've been wondering what Lowell has been up to.

These Are Their Stories said...

It almost left nothing to the imagination. I guess ex-Bond girls have an image to keep up!

John K. said...

Oh, I had fun with her skimpy swimsuit in License to Kill.

I think I'm going to make that image an icon. Haha.