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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jerry Orbach in “Space Rockers”

"Just a little longer and the galaxy is mine. "

And now for something completely different…here is an old episode of the 1980 TV series “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century called "Space Rockers" starring Jerry Orbach ("Lennie Briscoe", Law & Order). Jerry plays Lars Mangros, who is described as “a cynical musical mastermind [who] uses 25th century rock & roll to front a youth rebellion which threatens the entire galaxy. “ Lars (Jerry) makes galaxy-wide trouble by hiding hypnotic signals in the music of his rock band, encouraging young fans to rebel against authority.

The funny thing is I actually remember this episode quite clearly but didn’t remember Jerry himself in it. Despite the campiness of the show and the series as a whole, Jerry still gave it his all.

So if you have about 40 minutes to spend, the complete episode is below, courtesy of Hulu.

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