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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sam Waterston Sues Woody Allen, Family Guy

Sam Waterston ("Jack McCoy", Law & Order), along with others, is suing Woody Allen’s production company, Perdido Productions, for royalties. Sam alone is suing Seth McFarlane for an uncredited role in ‘The Family Guy” where Sam has played the animated Dr. Kaplan.

The full story (which really doesn’t involve Sam) can be found at dBusinessNews, here. The excerpt that mentions Sam is as follows:

Kavner has been in the news recently both because of her recent divorce from Yeardley Smith and because of a lawsuit she launched in conjunction with Lewis Black, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Sam Waterston against Woody Allen’s production company, Perdido Productions, for royalties still due them for performances in 1986’s “Hannah and Her Sisters.” In a sign of our litigious times, Waterston is also suing Seth McFarlane for payment for an uncredited role in McFarlane’s “Family Guy” in an episode entitled “Road to Rhode Island.”

I hope he has a good lawyer, I don't think Jack McCoy does civil case work.

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