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Friday, September 5, 2008

Sam Waterston in Yale Graduate School Information Book

Sam Waterston, besides being television’s favorite DA Jack McCoy, was first a Yale graduate. He has a tiny picture (below) and mention in the Yale Graduate School Of Arts and Sciences information Viewbook for the 2009-2010 years. I have it here but it really is so tiny that it’s probably near impossible to read on my blog. The link to the PDF version of the complete book is here. You can find the pic and the information on page 44 of the book itself, which shows up as page 46 in the Adobe reader.

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samfan said...

That is really nice. I bet he is really a smart person, although I already thought that, but now since I know he went to Yale I am sure of it.

saminou said...

Thank you very much, Sam Waterston is a very very educated person, to have frequented of such schools