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Friday, June 19, 2009

Jeff Goldblum On Colbert Report Defends Flies

Jeff Goldblum (Law & Order Criminal Intent) made a brief appearance on Steven Colbert’s show “Colbert Report” on June 18, 2009, in humorous support of Colbert’s “rage” over the Barack Obama fly-killing incident. He also managed to get in a quick plug for Criminal Intent. Here’s the whole show – Jeff appears in the first few minutes. (Note to PETA: It.Was.Just.A.Fly.)

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Sara said...

What a gem. Thanks for posting this video. Even Goldblum had a difficult time keeping a straight face.

Rosemary said...

Thanks for linking to this! I nearly died laughing when Jeff went into his "fly" plea, and the Colbert audience was wild. Stephen rarely has actors on as the show is a current events satire, but he & Jeff were clearly enjoying the moment, and each other's company.

- Rosemary (Roseha)

Rosemary said...

Replying to myself I know but Jeff was back on the Colbert Report again last night! Now I'll be wondering when his next surprise appearance will be! Great fun.