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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sam Waterston, Governors Join to Protect Oceans

On June 5, New York Governor David Paterson joined with four other governors of Mid-Atlantic states to announce the formation of a group that will work toward future conservation and alternative energy projects in the Atlantic Ocean. This newly created group, titled the "Governors Mid-Atlantic Council on Oceans" will work to preserve the natural habitats in and around the Atlantic Ocean, at the same time promoting offshore renewable energy.

Joining Paterson were the governors or designated representatives of the states of New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, plus a representative from the Obama administration. Also present at this session, iving support to the cause, was Sam Waterston (Law & Order), who sits on the board of directors of Oceana, a non-profit marine conservation and advocacy organization.

The Daily Record reported the following comments from Sam:

"The situation is evolving faster than our ability to deal with it," warned actor Sam Waterston, a supporter of the nonprofit Oceana environmental group, who said a "crash of the oceans" can be a first effect of climate change, as increasing absorption of carbon dioxide makes the seas more acidic.

Increasing acidity harms calcium-dependent animals like corals and tiny crustaceans that whales and salmon feed on, and those species could be lost by mid-century if acidification rates continue, he said.

"Anything done to promote offshore wind (energy) ... will be crucial in the biggest fight of all, the fight against ocean acidification," Waterston said.

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