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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Alicia Witt on Location for “Edgar Floats”

Here are a few photos of Alicia Witt (Law & Order Criminal Intent) on location for the new crime drama “Edgar Floats” filming in Los Angeles, CA on March 23, 2010. She looks great!

Please note: I am sorry, but the photos are no longer available.

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Sara said...

So glad to see Alicia doing another crime drama. Will she be needing a partner? Chris Noth maybe?

Seriously, when and where will this air? Thanks for the info.

Music Wench said...

She looks really good! Good to see her in another crime drama.

These Are Their Stories said...

Sara, all I could find was that it is planned to air in the fall of 2010 - but who exactly will air it was never mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Thought that ABC hasn't said, that they picked Edgar Floats up for a series. For the moment, it was only a pilot episode