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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Linus Roache Stars In “Mean to Me” Short Film

Linus Roache (Law & Order) appears in the short (12-minute) film “Mean To Me” which recently debuted in New York. The film was created by David McDermott and Peter McGough, and it is set in the 1930s. Agyness Deyn plays a woman scorned by her playboy lover, played by Linus. An excerpt is below; Linus is, of course, wonderfully nasty in it. Here’s the clip – enjoy!

UPDATE March 5 2010 - Sorry to report that the You Tube user who posted the video clip had to take it down. Such a shame. But, I have some stills (below) which hopefully will satisfy Linus fans!

Another update: Thanks to the anonymous poster who found another link to the video clip, catch it while you can! Linus Roache “Mean To Me” video clip

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Lisa R. said...

Ouch! Loved the slap at the end :)

Thanks so much for posting this! I wonder is there somewhere we can see the whole short film?

These Are Their Stories said...

Lisa, believe me I have been looking for the whole film on line but no luck yet. If I find it you can be sure I will post it!

Lisa R. said...

Thanks for looking! I have a feeling you have to be a member of the Academy to see this or maybe live in New York...

Gosh, Linus is so drool-worthy. And I just adore his natural accent. Yummy!

These Are Their Stories said...

Such a shame that the person who posted the video had to take it down. I guess that isn't a good sign for finding the film on-line! But, at least I had grabbed a few screen shots ahead of time!

Anonymous said...

Here is another link that shows the clip to the movie.


These Are Their Stories said...

Thanks for the link, I posted it above!