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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Chris Noth On Cover of Entertainment Weekly, Plus “Good Wife” Advance Photos

Chris Noth (Law & Order, Law & Order CI) is currently appearing on the cover of Entertainment Weekly (dated March 12), which also includes a feature on the show “The Good Wife.” Here’s a peek at the cover photo but you will have to buy the issue to see more. Also, I’ve included some advance photos of Chris’ appearance in the March 16 episode of “The Good Wife” titled “Heart”. (Thanks to a few Law & Order and Chris Noth fans who emailed me that cover photo, I really appreciate it!)

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Anonymous said...

I totally love this show! ATLAO you should really give this a go. It's got a wonderful cast and the scripts are snappy as well as the storyline. Plus, how can you go wrong with Noth? He looks so good!!!


These Are Their Stories said...

Actually, MissKitty, despite the fact that I just cannot stand Julianna Margulies in her role - too stiff - I have been watching only because of Chris. Originally the way his role was presented on the show was that he was only going to be on rarely but he seems to be on a lot and the story now seems just as much about him as is ia about Julianne's character. I actually think he is stealing the show! And he looks great lately too.