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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Chris Noth: Mr. Big, Literally

OK, sometimes I just can’t help myself. When I saw this picture yesterday, the first thing I thought of is, I wondered if it was Tara Wilson or Chris Noth (Mike Logan, Law & Order Criminal Intent) who had baby Orion, since Noth seemed to be carrying some “pregnancy” weight. The second thing I thought is that he looks like he’s been eating too many of the donuts at One Police Plaza. The third thing I thought was to share the picture with everyone else.

Here’s Chris, Tara Wilson, and baby Orion in Malibu, California. I guess I won’t be "California Dreamin" about a svelte “Mr. Big” anymore!

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Anonymous said...

Actually I think he looks pretty good for a guy in his mid fifties and would venture to say that he is no BIGGER than VDO - who is also pretty darn handsome for a guy his age.

No matter - I have noticed a real attack Logan and Noth mentality on blogs and such since he announced he is leaving - rather odd - Instead one would think that viewers would wish him well in all his future endevors. Rather disturbing really and very negative.

These Are Their Stories said...

Actually, what I think happened is that Noth, while doing his stint for SATC movie, said a few things about the franchise and LOCI itself that may have been perceived as less than complementary. Coupled with the fact that they haven't really written Logan very well this season, or at least not consistently, fans are grumbling a bit. Me, I just cringe when I see a good looking guy sport a growing belly. My hubby wil be 56 in a few days, he's in great shape with a flat tummy. So I admit, I'm spoiled! Still, I was always a fan of Chris, I think that the "thrill" is just gone for me.

samfan said...

I think Chris has planned this exit because he has been, I would go so far to say, derogatory about all three L&O's. I like Chris but I must say that I have lost a bit of respect for Noth because of his attitude toward the franchise. I can see him being mad and putting Wolf alone down, but I do not believe that the whole franchise deserves the criticism. I mean especailly the actors, writers, and others. It is one thing to put a single person down, but you don't have to put the whole group down as well. I mean I think of how I would take what he has said as a bit of a put down if I was Waterston,Merkerson, Meloni, or any of the cast or crew of all of the L&O's. I agree that the writing has not been super but Noth has not looked as if he has put much effort forth into the show. I like Chris and I will miss him but I believe that we should at least give Goldblum a chance.

Anonymous said...

Actually Chris has said some GREAT things about the Franchise over the last few years and aside from a few episodes that have not been that well received this half of season 7 - I think many would agree that the writing and episodes have been superior for the Logan team for at least a couple years.

So samfan can you give me some examples of the negative things that Noth has said - because I don't think there is to much of a basis there. Its just the excuse being used as a reason to attack - a perceived slight so to speak.

I think part of the reason Noth is leaving is the negative mind set of a huge portion of the CI auidence - they didn't want him there in the first place as they felt he was somehow taking away from VDO / Yet they are now angry that he is leaving - So basically he can't win - I'm just suprised that he could have put up with that kind of situation as long as he did - and pretty much always with professionalism and grace.

these are their stories - this is your blog and you can say whatever you want of course. I can definitely see the THRILL is gone for you - you blog very often shows a real bias and negative slant towards most things Logan - its a real shame actually because other than that your blog is incredibly,and intelligently written. But the maligning of Logan ( which I see as very obvious ) really takes away from its balance - of course you are talking to a hard core Logan fan here - but it disturbs me that you say you like the Logan character - yet you seem to poke fun and put down at every change you get - Hate to see what it would like it you HATED HIM JMO