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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sam Waterston At Auction for Oceana

Photo by Melissa Rosenberg
Ecorazzi.com reports that Law & Order’s Sam Waterston – who is also on the board of Oceana – was part of an auction at Christie’s on June 24. Here’s the story from Ecorazzi, with a very nice photo of Sam.

Oceana at Christie’s Ocean Liner Auction
Last night at Christies Auction House in NYC, Oceana hosted it annual “Love for the Oceans” cocktail reception. One of the evenings speakers was Actor Sam Waterston. Sam joined Oceana’s board this year spoke a few words to the packed room about protecting our oceans. Michael Hirshfield, Chief Scientist for Oceana also spoke a few words how they are helping to protect bluefin tuna from becoming extinct. The evening showcased many interesting pieces related to the oceans. My most favorite piece was a life jacket from the Titanic — on display for the first time to the public. The evenings main sponsors were Nautica and AIG Environmental.

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samfan said...

This is a great pic of Sam. It is really cool that he does this kind of stuff. I can't believe he was able to do this and Hamlet in one night! Thanks. Great post!