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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sam Waterston At Auction for Oceana: Part Two

After writing my blog post earlier this morning about Sam Waterston participating in the Oceana auction at Christie’s, some more information from the New Your Social Diary popped up. Here it is – enjoy the pictures!

Summer Lovin’: Oceana Auction Information

Oceana, the largest international organization focused solely on protecting the oceans, held a reception at Christie's where the auction house was also holding its Ocean Liner auction preview.

The event showcased a life preserver from R.M.S. Titanic, never before seen in public. It is the first preserver from the doomed ship ever to be offered for sale in North America and is one of only six known to be in existence. The night after this reception, the preserver was sold at auction at Christie’s for $68,500.

All proceeds from the Oceana event, sponsored by AIG Environmental and Nautica, benefited the marine conservation efforts of Oceana.

More than 140 attended and received a private tour of the Christie’s Ocean Liner preview, learning the history of each item. Bettina Alonso, the head of Oceana’s New York office and Vice President of Global Development, Law & Order star and Oceana board member Sam Waterston, as well as Oceana Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist Mike Hirshfield also spoke to the guests.

Oceana’s work continues to grow in importance as worldwide overfishing, habitat destruction, pollution and global climate change deplete the oceans. Scientists have projected that if current trends in human activity continue all commercially fished species could collapse by the middle of this century.

Mike Hirschfield told the guests that “The exhibit at Christie’s is about the ocean surface. Oceana’s purpose is to find out what is going on under the ocean’s surface and do something about it.”

(I caught a fish, it was THIS BIG!)

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samfan said...

Great pictures. Thanks for the update. I wonder how long Sam will keep the beard?