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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ice-T Filming In Manhattan

Ice-T was spotted rifling through the trash, er, I mean filming an episode of Law & Order SVU in Manhattan on July 21. Here are some pictures! (Note Richard Belzer in the backrgound of one of the photos, probably feeling embarassed.)

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samfan said...

Has he ditched the ponytail recently, or have I been out of the Law & Order loop too long?

These Are Their Stories said...

You know, I didn't even notice! It sure does look like it's gone. I wonder what happened too???

John K. said...

Nah, the post Strike episodes featured it. Although, I didn't really notice it until Cold. So much from his transfer. Hah! Then again, I knew it wouldn't last, like Cragen's "exile" in Alternate.

And maybe Belzer's feeling shame for being written out again? Hehe.

Where did you get the pictures? They're awesome.

These Are Their Stories said...

John, I got them from a news service via an email link...but I deleted the email and can't find the link any more! Someone was joking about Ice-T looking like he was homeless. I tried to do a search on the topic and came up empty.