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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jeff Goldblum and Useful (?) Swedish Phrases

Here’s a short training video that Jeff Goldblum (Law & Order Criminal Intent) did for IKEA, where he teaches two Swedish phrases. The only problem is, when I check his phrases in Google Translate, I don’t come up with the same translation that he indicates. Maybe it’s a joke? Help from anyone who knows Swedish for real would be helpful.

Here’s the lines he uses and how Google translated them:
Prota de svenska?
Translates to: Prot Swedish

Ja lita gran.
Translates to: Yes trust spruce

I also found it funny that he seems to imply if you only know these phrases, the IKEA employee would impress the customer. I suppose that would last as long as it takes for the customer to ask them something ELSE in Swedish and have the person look at them with a blank stare. It must be a joke. Still, it IS Jeff Goldblum, so have fun with it.

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Michelle said...

Aww thanks for sharing, I'll post this in my Jeff website tonight :)

lizzieliz said...

Il y a la traduction dans la video. Les deux phrases veulent dire "parlez vous su├ędois" "oui un petit peu"