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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sam Waterston May Appear in 1995 “Nixon” Film Airing on HDNet Movies

Starting today and during the next few weeks HDNet Movies will be showing Oliver Stone’s 1995 film “Nixon”. Sam Waterston (Law & Order) had a role in this film, starring as CIA Director Richard Helms. BUT…according to many sources, Sam Waterston’s scenes were (gasp!) deleted in the theatrical release. They are shown, however, in the “director’s cut” version of the movie, which is what I hope HDNet will be airing. Someone was kind enough to put one (maybe the only?) scene with Sam on YouTube, so in case it’s not in the version being aired on HDNet, you can catch it on your small computer screen, below:

Here is the schedule for airings of the movie on HDNet Movies. Note times and dates differ for Eastern and Pacific Time zones. Again, I can’t confirm whether it’s the director’s cut that will be airing. UPDATE OCTOBER 27 - the version I saw on HDNet Movies was not the director's cut and it didn't include Sam. So, if you watch the movie, you'll have to also watch the video below to see Sam's performance in it.

HDNet Movie Schedule for “Nixon”
Rating: R Year: 1995 Run Time: 3:11

Air Dates: Sat, Oct 25th - 8:03 PM ET / 5:03 PM PT
Sat, Oct 25th - 10:30 PM PT
Sun, Oct 26th - 1:30 AM ET
Mon, Nov 3rd - 8:45 PM ET / 5:45 PM PT
Mon, Nov 3rd - 10:35 PM PT
Tue, Nov 4th - 1:35 AM ET
Sun, Nov 9th - 3:45 PM ET / 12:45 PM PT
Wed, Nov 12th - 5:00 AM ET / 2:00 AM PT

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