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Friday, September 25, 2009

Anthony Anderson Hitting The Talk Shows

Anthony Anderson (Law & Order) was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night. He is also scheduled to be on The Today Show this morning. I think he is the deisgnated promoter of the start of the new season - the 20th - for Law & Order.

The videos of Anthony’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon last night and on the Today Show are below.

Buy the way, Anthony commented that Angie Harmon DID attend the Law & Order 20 year celebration on September 23, , but I have yet to find her in any of the photos. I’m still looking and if I find them I’ll post them.

Anthony Anderson on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

The Today Show

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John said...

Oh, this is making my head hurt. A good friend at a Sam Waterston board I go to, said this to me, from Anderson appearing on Jimmy Kimmel.

"Anthony Anderson was on Jimmy Kimmell last night. When Jimmy asked him about the big 20th anniversary party, he said Angie Harmon was there too. Maybe she didn't stick around long enough for the pictures (unless Anthony got her mixed up with Jill). He said he didn't know all of the people that were there."


So, maybe an innocent case of mistaken idenity, but we'll see. I'm going by your photos until it's known otherwise.

John K. said...

In case anyone is interested, here is what Harmon was doing on 9/22. She was at a Manhattan event, and talked to Lil Sugar.com.


Anonymous said...

I like Anthony Anderson, but I wish Sam Waterson and Linus Roache made more of an effort to promote their own show. They should have given some interviews and appeared on a least one show each. I am disappointed in them.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous - Are you sure it's them not promoting the shows or a matter of them (and Sisto, De LaGarza, et al) not being invited to do talk shows or asked to do interviews.