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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why Dann Florek Loves College Sports

AnnArbor.com has a feature on Dann Florek (Law & Order SVU) where he talks about his love for college sports. Dann was born in Michigan and attended Eastern Michigan University.

An except from the interview:

MR: What was your favorite memory watching those games and with your dad?

DF: One of the best things was me, my dad, my older brother and my younger brother sitting down and watching it on TV. It was something father and son did together. It became a tradition. My dad is passed away now, but I’ll tell ya what happens. When we watch, like last week, I watched them pull it out against Notre Dame, that (Tate) Forcier kid is amazing. And when that final score hit, I remember jumping up and just saying ‘There ya go, Pop.’ Then I called my brother and left a message for him and my sister sent a little text that said ‘Go Blue.’ So we watch ‘em and have been fans. I guess, also, the first time walking into the Big House. You don’t understand how kind of overwhelming it is. You see it on TV but to actually be in there with, what, 106,000 people, it’s kind of amazing.

You can read the full interview ”Why I Love College Sports: Actor Dann Florek” at this link to AnnArbor.com

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