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Monday, September 28, 2009

Law & Order: These Are Their “True” Stories

"Ripped from the headlines” is a common theme of many episodes in the Law & Order franchise. One of the sections in the new TV Guide’s Law & Order Special Collector’s issue covers some of these true stories on which some of the Law & Order episodes are based. The section is titled “Stranger Than Fiction” which covers six pages, and is written by freelance writers Jure’ Fiorillo and Kevin Dwyer.

What you may not know about Jure’ and Kevin as they are also behind the web site True Stories of Law & Order and have authored two books, titled “True Stories of Law & Order” and “True Stories of Law & Order: SVU.” The real cases behind the fictional stories are always a frequent topic of discussion with Law & Order fans and True Stories of Law & Order can be a valuable resource for viewers, providing the facts of the real crimes and case updates.

So, after your done reading your Law & Order TV Guide Special Collectors Issue (no fan should be without an issue), make sure to stop by True Stories of Law & Order to find out even more about those “Ripped from the headlines” episodes. (And don’t forget their books!)

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