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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Linus Roache Talks About Law & Order

Thanks to a heads up from a fan, here is a video of Linus Roache, likely taken at the 2009 Monte Carlo Television Festival where the Law & Order stars appeared on June 11, 2009. He talks about his work on Law & Order, the help he got from Sam Waterston, and how he prepared for his role as EADA Michael Cutter.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures and the video interviews this last week. They were great! I can't wait until 9/25.

Lisa R. said...

Thank you thank you thank you! I love his laugh :-) I really appreciate all the behind the scenes videos you've posted and the great interviews. I'm all psyched for the premiere!

Anonymous said...

You don't see Linus Roache do very many interviews, so was nice to finally hear what he has to say.

Thank you for airing these.
NBC may not be giving them much publicity, but you are.