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Friday, May 9, 2008

Criminal Intent’s D’Onofrio: Not Going Anywhere

The National Ledger has a short article about Vincent D’Onofrio and his contract renewal with Law & Order Criminal Intent. Here it is:

Will Vincent D'Onofrio Leave "Law & Order: Criminal Intent"?

By Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith
May 8, 2008

Vincent D'Onofrio's "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" contract is coming up for renewal, but producer Dick Wolf need have no concern that the actor will be leaving his role as the series' Det. Robert Goren. "I have no plans to go anywhere," says the actor whose "Criminal Intent" role was made more manageable in 2004 -- after he was hospitalized with exhaustion.

Will Vincent D'Onofrio Leave "Law & Order: Criminal Intent"?

"I'm working 13-hour days," he says, "a breeze compared to the 15-16 hours a day I used to put in." He only hopes there's a show to return to. This is "Criminal Intent's" seventh season, "which is a long run for a dramatic series," the actor points out. "This year is kind of funky, because of the recent writers' strike and the threatening actors' strike," he says

"The world of TV is very fickle," he points out, "and particularly now, you don't know what's going on -- when we'll wrap for the season and when or if we'll resume. It's all kind of messed up."

He's hoping he'll have time between "Criminal Intent" seasons to accept a big-screen assignment -- and notes he's meeting with a couple of directors, "Trying to figure something out for summer," in the event he has the summer free.

He'd also like a do a stint on stage and points out, "There are a lot of good parts for guys my age -- and I used to do plenty of plays between seasons of the series and movie work, but now things are pretty much up in the air, and I've had to come to grips with that. I figure I'll have plenty of time for such work -- eventually."

When there's no "Criminal Intent" to come home to.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see that Vincent is still interested in playing Bobby Goren and still having a positive outlook or trying to. It must be difficult to deal with the future what with all the strike situations this year. I do hope that whenever CI does wrap up it does so in an intelligent way that all the diehard fans can enjoy. but not yet!