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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vincent D’Onofrio Speaks at Nashville Film Festival

Here’s a short video with Vincent D’Onofrio (Law & Order Criminal Intent) speaking at the Nashville Film Festival in April of this year. He discussed working with legendary directors Stanley Kubrick and Robert Altman.

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Anonymous said...

Boy, Vinnie is really packing on the pounds. I hope he realizes he's headed health problems unless he takes some control of his weight. It also does nothing for his 'leading man' access if he chubs up. As much as I love his acting ability, he's jeopardizing his career that way.

Jane said...

What gives with all these anonymous bloggers going on about his weight all the time, I am aware this post is almost 10 years old but please STFU and hiding behind Anon is cowardly, best if you use your own name.

As for Vincent, he looks fine to us regardless, and I am sure his wife, Carin doesn't give a s*** either + she is a vegetarian ( in fact him and his daughter, Leila are the only meat eaters in the house) so there is no risk to health in that way. Vincent has on many occasions stated that he has never seen himself as a "leading man" even when he was younger he never set out to be that, mainly a supporting character and method actor in parts that he is willing to play whether good, bad or seriously evil if necessary ( he has only played two seriously evil in The Cell and Chained ) Vincent has "chubbed up" as you call it for a variety of roles ever since Stanley Kubrick asked him to do that for his role in Full Metal Jacket which he put a total of 80 pounds for ( and he still does that for a role if necessary-I think this is for a gangster in the movie Staten Island ) The only thing is now that he is older, it takes a lot longer to lose what he gains for a film than it did when he was even 40 but he won't kill off his career as you seem to think because of it, he is constantly working and probably will until he decides to retire regardless. Also because he is older he isn't going to be same as he was weight wise as he was when he was in his 20's, 30's or even 40's, it happens to everyone not just V. I think his natural weight now in his 50's is about 250 pounds, that's 50 pounds heavier than he was when he was about to "put it on" for Stanley. As far as I am concerned and many others too, Vincent could be bald, fat, thin, blonde, stubbly, goateed, bearded, wigged, whatever. He is still a studmuffin end of.