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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sam Waterston Participates In Environmental Lecture

Sam and his man-bag
Photo from New York Social Diary (more at site, link below)

Law & Order's Sam Waterston is a busy man. The New York Social Diary reports:

"Last Thursday noontime, the American Museum of Natural History held its 18th annual Spring Environmental Lecture and Luncheon at the museum. This year’s subject focused on Global Climate Change.

Lynn Sherr, correspondent for ABC News 20/20 moderated, as she does every year. Panelists were Dr. Jeremy Jackson, William E. and Mary B. Ritter Professor of Oceanography at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, who is featured in Leonardo DiCaprio’s new documentary, The 11th Hour; Dr. Jane Lubchenco, Wayne and Gladys Valley Professor of Marine Biology and Distinguished Professor of Zoology at Oregon State University; and Sam Waterston, actor and member of the board of Oceana.

On paper this looks like an interesting lecture/discussion. In reality it’s a wake-up call for a civilization, its leaders and its inhabitants who are sound asleep blithely unaware of the tsunami that will take out that civilization.

Perhaps it’s because many of us think tomorrow will never come anyway.

Nevertheless, the American Museum of Natural History is to be commended for consistently sounding the alarming and assisting us in understanding what awaits us.

The event’s chairmen were: Suzanne Cochran, Veronique Pittman, Mary C. Solomon, and Constance Spahn. All proceeds from the event support the Museum’s scientific research and educational initiatives, including important work in biodiversity conservation.” "

Head to the New York Social Diary Web Site for more pictures of Sam at this event.

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samfan said...

Those pics are great Sam & his wife looked very happy. Sam has been rather busy this year. I hope his play, Hamlet, will be good in May.

samfan said...

These are their stories, I have a question was this yesterday or last Thrusday? Just wondering very nice pictures and great post.

Jack McCoy said...

Thank you very much for these Sam's new photos I like very much the photo of Lynn and Sam, they form a very attractive couple, even, if I am a little bit jealous.

But how be made to have news so recent

These Are Their Stories said...

It was on April 24 - at least that's what I remember. But I can't find the link now that had the date.

They always seem to have this gathering near the last week of April.