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Friday, May 23, 2008

The Sam Waterston Hair Part Mystery Solved!

Jack McCoy
OK, admit it, you’ve noticed. You see Sam Waterston on Law & Order as Jack McCoy and his hair is parted on the left. You see him in the TD Ameritrade commercials or for anything else, and it’s parted on the right.

Walter Scott of Parade has the burning question – and the riveting answer, on his Personality Parade web page.

Q Why does Sam Waterston part his hair on the left in Law & Order and on the right in his commercials?—Evie Allen, Mango, Fla.

A “I part my hair in real life the way I do in my commercials—on the right,” says Waterston, now in his 14th season as attorney Jack McCoy. “When I took the role, I decided to part it on the left side as one step in the process of creating the McCoy character.”

Sam Waterston
So it's left = Jack, right = Sam. Well, I can sleep much better now knowing this. And hopefully, you will too!

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samfan said...

That is what I thought but, it is nice to here the true explanation from the man himself. Thanks for answering one of the biggest mystries of modern man, or at least since Alexander the Great's death!

samfan said...

Tonight Sam's play in Central Park starts! I wish I could go. I think he had to grow a beard.

lisa green said...

Sam Waterston could part his hair down the middle and he'd still be one of the greatest actors of all times I love his character in Law and Order very powerful two thumbs up to one of my favorite personalities