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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Linus Roache Article in Washington Post

There is an article in today’s Washington Post about Linus Roache (Michael Cutter on Law & Order), his work with EnlightenNext (which I’ve already covered in my blog entry here) and the recent US release of his film “Before The Rains.” Here it is:

'I'm less prone to needing to be liked'

After an Enlightening Break, Actor Linus Roache Is Back With an Evolved Perspective

Did we know Linus Roache -- the heartthrob assistant DA on "Law & Order" -- has a higher practice? The British actor, once known as an art-house figure (1994's "Priest"), temporarily shelved acting to go to India and study the "evolutionary enlightenment" teachings of Andrew Cohen, later becoming managing director of Cohen's EnlightenNext New York center. Still, he says "it's just coincidence" that he's starring in "Before the Rains," set in 1930s India. He plays an English road builder mired in the country's anti-colonial sentiment, not to mention a sticky extramarital affair.

-- Desson Thomson

Without getting too deep -- people are reading this over their Wheaties -- what is "evolutionary enlightenment" -- to you at least?

To me it's about human beings manifesting their highest, deepest and greatest potential. It takes the perspective of traditional enlightenment and applies it to a context of evolution and development, meaning how can we evolve as a culture so we can create a proudly positive future.

There must have been something missing in your life or career that led you to that.

It was actually the opposite. It was all working incredibly well. I had a big movie ["Priest"] breaking, lots of opportunities. I was 30. But it was realizing more success wasn't going to lead to more meaning and purpose. . . . I came back to acting with a freer, more open, less attached perspective.

How does that manifest itself on, let's say, "Law and Order"?

You can't see it. I'm just an actor. But it's brought a deeper energy and commitment because I'm more fully engaged in being who I am right here, right now, in this conversation with you and what I'm going to do next. And I'm less prone to needing to be liked.

The Beatles also went to India.

And studied meditation with the Maharishi. Everyone thinks I went to India for two years and sat in a cave or something. [Laughs.] I spent time in a retreat in northern India -- in the region where Buddha was supposed to have attained his enlightenment -- and another retreat in the foothills of the Himalayas.

What do you expect "Before the Rains" audiences to walk away with?

The movie's not just about his soul being dead. I represent the British Empire -- that arrogance and decline. . . . And the movie's got a lot of hope for the future, and it's a rich cultural tapestry of that time. It's very multilayered.

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samfan said...

Linus is a good actor. But Andrew Cohen, at least what I found on him is a bit strange. But whatever works for people. What do you think of Cohen? Oh and I had a funny question, Linus is a vegetarian, right, well on the show last week he was buying a hot dog, did he eat it? I was just wondering how strict he was with the whole veggie deal. I mean I have met vegetarians and I have a lot of respect for them, I can't go a couple days without chocolate, let alone all meat!

These Are Their Stories said...

As far as what I think about Cohen, I only know what I read about him and none of it is good. So my opinion of him isn't too high.

I would imagine that it would really be great acting if a person who is a vegetarian even bit into a hot dog. I know a few vegetarians and while they don't mind being around people who eat meat, they would never let something like a hot dog ever cross their lips...unless it was made of Tofu!

I don't remember Linus eating one - but I could be wrong. I'll have to watch closely the next time he eats something.